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PA 7 yo honest about toy gun (updated)

Quote:The parents of a 7-year-old western Pennsylvania boy say he was suspended from school -- and could be expelled -- after telling a teacher Tuesday that he accidentally brought a toy gun to school.

Chris Simak and Jennifer Mathabell say their son, Darin Simak, was suspended from Martin School in New Kensington, Pa.

Mathabell says the boy left his regular book bag at a friend's house, so she packed him another one, not realizing the toy was in it. The boy's parents say Darin immediately gave it to a teacher because he knew it was against the rules.

"He found the toy gun on the outside pocket," Simak told The Valley New Dispatch. "He took it straight to the teacher and said that he wasn't allowed to have it."

He said his son "did the right thing, and we're trying to teach him the right way, and now they're teaching him the wrong way."

The boy faces an expulsion hearing Friday.

I am so sick of this nonsense......
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The kid that called his parents to get his shotgun out of his car.EXPELLED. The boyscout who forgot to take his pocket knife out of his back pack and told the school.EXPELLED. Now this. What are we teaching these kids about honesty? If you tell the truth when you make a mistake you are screwed. Great lesson to teach kids.
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I think we should petition our state legislature to pass a law that allows us to take any school official or teacher and skin them, pour 100 octane gas or 190+ proof alcohol on them and light them on fire if they are stupid enough to be this stupid with a zero tolerance policy..and to be clear im only advocating a law that allows us to legally kill dumb teachers and administrators not that we currently should beat the living fuck out of morons like this..
My 9 yo would never make it through 12 years of school in a public school. He loves his collection of pocket knives, multi-tools, a tactical pen, and cap guns, one of which he paid extra online to get an all-metal realistic one. (With an orange tip of course). That's about all he plays with, if he isn't riding his bike or scooter, or using the weed eater or leaf blower......we just have to watch what he does with the sticks he sharpens.....
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I think we should petition our state legislature to pass a law that allows us to take any school official or teacher and skin them, pour 100 octane gas or 190+ proof alcohol on them and light them on fire if they are stupid enough to be this stupid with a zero tolerance policy..
Right here in PA we've just seen another example of how zero tolerance equals zero common sense. A 7 year old turned in a toy gun on his own volition he accidentally brought to school and got suspended for it.

Look at what we've become:

Do the "right" thing and turn your toy gun into the school? Get suspended.

As a parent you raise a stink about your kid getting suspended for doing the right thing? Get arrested.

Everything is backwards. Everything is upside down. It's so scary what is happening with these schools. The thought that keeps going through my mind every time I hear about stories like this is; "2 + 2 = 5" from 1984. We need a national political leader to roust the parents here in the US and boot the damned teachers union out and the people in government driving this fucked up agenda out of our schools. It's just too bad we don't currently have anyone in American politics today who could be remotely considered a leader such that people would rally behind him/her.

The other thing too is it is so obvious they want to instill in kids minds that possession of even a toy gun is bad and that any gun, even a facsimile of a gun should be turned in to the authorities. But... then if we punish kids for doing the right thing.... What happens when a cop forgets he left his service weapon on top of the toilet after taking a crap in the bathroom and a kid ends up finding a real gun? What then you fucking dunces in the school system?
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Good point, about a kid finding a real gun.

Similarly, parents like the Pelletiers in Boston who tried to get the best medical care for their daughter but instead got her taken away. How many more parents, now, will decide to avoid medical care out of fear?

How many kids will not tell their parents they found a real gun? Or will not tell a teacher if they perceive a true threat?

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This needs to keep happening until it can't be ignored. Not enough people are involved yet.

Yep, let's teach kids to distrust authority and hide things from them.

Well played, school admins, well played. Dodgy
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I enjoy every minute of it.

Two day suspension, but no expulsion.....
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RugerGirl;145473 Wrote:

Two day suspension, but no expulsion.....

This is what *should* have happened in a sane world:

*ring* *ring*

Principal: Hi Mrs. Blank, I just wanted to make you aware that Billy accidentally brought a toy gun to school today. He did the right thing though and turned it into us. Technically, because of our policy we're suppose to punish him, but I believe Billy made a honest mistake and I really don't think we need to make this into a deal so long as this stays a one time occurrence. I'm going to hold on to his toy until either you come and get it after school or I'll get rid of it for you if you like. Either way though, I'm sticking my neck out here given the circumstances. I need to let you know that I'm not going to be able to be lenient if this happens again, and if it happens again I'm going to need to punish him regardless of the circumstances. It's really important for him to understand this sort of thing is not acceptable in our school.

Mrs. Blank: Oh my! I'll have a talk with him when he gets home and I'll see to it that never happens again! I really appreciate your discretion in this matter!

Principal: Ok, thank you Mrs. Blank! That's all I needed to hear! You have a nice day ma'am!


That's how things would have been handled when I was a kid. Back when people had fucking brains in their skulls and didn't treat POLICY as if it were law and when people could actually think outside the box a tiny bit and use professional discretion. This was also back when parents did their job rather than let the state raise their kids. If it had been handled the way I laid out that would have been it, there would be no national news story that made the district look as if it were run by a gaggle of morons and this kid wouldn't have a black mark on his reputation that will stay with him forever because the internet never forgets. Everyone wins in that scenario! It makes no sense!

Nope, in today's America nobody can think outside the box anymore or use common sense. I love that we pay these school administrators top dollar six figure salaries to make decisions about issues like this and then the school responds by creating brain-dead policies that eliminate any accountability what-so-ever from the people who are paid handsomely to make those kinds of decisions. In today's world every interaction in public it seems is like dealing with the low man on the totem pole at a cell phone call center who is nothing but a warm body that has no authorization to do anything and is simply an obstacle put there to put a buffer between the masses and the few people left who have a teaspoonful of gray matter left in their heads.
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