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Pa. man shot for carrying shorts is suing police
Quoting the journalist Joe Mandak from his article I have linked, "Blair County District Attorney Richard Consiglio has ruled that the shooting was justified"

By JOE MANDAK Associated Press
Updated: 08/30/2013 12:06:12 PM EDT

PITTSBURGH—A man is suing a central Pennsylvania police department saying he did nothing to provoke an officer who shot him and claimed he thought black boxer shorts the half-naked man was holding were a gun.

James Weyant, 46, acknowledges in a complaint that he took off his ill-fitting boxer shorts while walking through an alley from a friend's house about 4 a.m. April 8.

But Weyant contends a large hoodie and T-shirt kept his privates covered and argued he did nothing to provoke being shot by Officer Mark Sprouse. Sprouse has reported Weyant was acting erratically and didn't respond to a command to drop his "weapon"—which turned out to be a pair of black "Guitar Hero" boxers.

"He wasn't menacing anybody, or drugged up or drunk, or threatening anybody," Weyant's attorney, Douglas Stoehr, told The Associated Press. "Jim did not even know it was a police cruiser until it screeched to a halt next to him." ) .
Live Free or Die

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