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PA no longer recognizes Utah permit?
What she's doing is.illegal because she isnt given the authority to remove reciprocity in any law I know of. She can only enter into them. However, to your point, she doesn't pass change of have anything to do with making law, nor is she.

Daycrawler;143428 Wrote:IANAL From what I have read on the matter AG Kane does not have the Authority to do what was done. So if in fact the law was Violated by changing the Resiprocity agreement, wouldn't that make any Arrest a Preemption Violation? Is AG Kane the sole Pennsylvania Legislature??

** A little piece I found on the Preemption law***
The myriad of local firearm laws makes compliance very difficult and nearly impossible for responsible gun owners. This creates a situation where gun owners and sportsmen have difficulty even knowing about certain laws, much less understanding them. HB 2011 will correct this problem by preventing localities from imposing ordinances more restrictive than laws passed by the Pennsylvania Legislature by allowing anyone adversely affected by an ordinance, resolution, regulation, rule or practice to file suit against the county, municipality or township. An individual affected may also be awarded reasonable expenses by the court if the court rules in their favor or the regulation is repealed after the lawsuit is filed but before the final determination is made***

How can AG Kane just Pass, change or Amend Laws without the Pa. Legislature??
ExcelToExcel;143429 Wrote:What she's doing is.illegal because she isnt given the authority to remove reciprocity in any law I know of. She can only enter into them. However, to your point, she doesn't pass change of have anything to do with making law, nor is she.

Ok that's what I thought too! So if she doesn't have the Authority, then the Law never really changed, Right?
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Emoticon;143415 Wrote:I found this letter of clarification which seems to make the distinction to deal with non-resident permits specifically. Again that's just the way it read to me I like I said I may be wrong though and you may be right, it's always best to err on the side of caution whenever legality may be questionable, that's just the way it read to me personally. This is part of the reason I hate this half-way reciprocity murky crap they try to pull. It seems to me like it says that while PA residents may still apply for a non-resident Utah permit, that it will not be recognized specifically by PA in a non-resident capacity. Again though I am not a lawyer and do not take this as legal advice.

I'm not a lawyer either.

What I read in that letter is kane is using the excuse that Utah will issue a license to non residents who don't have a home state license to say we no longer have similar law and thereby nixing Utah from the approved list altogether. Utah does issue in that manner, BUT only to people from states with no reciprocity with Utah, PA had reciprocity so her excuse didn't play out here, you needed a PA LTCF to get the Utah CWP, and that is why it makes no sense for her to alter the agreement.

The last paragraph of the letter you posted says PA can no longer recognize statutory with Utah, no mention of resident or non resident.

Utah's web site say PA no longer accepts Utah, no distinction between res and non res. (IMHO because there is none)

If you look at the list that Utah is now part of on the PA AG's site you'll see not one state in that list is accepted here in PA.

Again, just the way I read it, and as you mentioned, better to err on the side of caution.
Philadelphia Patriot;143426 Wrote:I'd also like to mention I find it ironic how Kane won the AG position because she ran on protecting PA citizens against the "bully" governor in Harrisburg right now. From what I have seen and experienced thus far, it seems like Kane has done more to restrict PA citizens' rights and allow corruption to grow than the "bully" in Harrisburg.

Depends on where in the state you were ... we watch both Scranton & Philly TV and saw a huge difference in her ads. The Scranton ones we all about a tough defender yadda yadda, while the Philly ones were all about closing the 'Florida gun loophole'

As to the question of resident or non-resident PA no longer accepts either of them.

As to what can be done stay tuned, things are happening in HB at this very second.

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