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Pa Presidential race MUST be close...
titanxdm;34391 Wrote:The title of this thread seems like the place I should post this....

6 get out to vote phone calls today
1 tele-poll.

My wife is about to uplug the phones. Angry

I've had four from Obama camps, one from Romney camp, two robocalls.

I am enjoying telling the Obama people that until I get my free phone from Obama, I'm not voting for him.
Some people need to read this book:

IIUC, since R v. W is a supreme court ruling, it cannot be overturned by statute. There is no legislation that can be passed and signed by President Romney. It would take a constitutional amendment and there again, the executive branch is not involved.

Does the commercial have Romney just saying the words "overturn Rowe v. Wade" without, "I will" therefore taken out of context? IF he actually said that (I will) then he is mistaken, (or, I am, but I don't think so). I am still voting for him, though. Big Grin

Outlawing abortion has been used for political stabs by opponents since the day it was legal, but in reality it is an extremely difficult thing to do. Even if R v. W was overturned somehow, the states will then oversee it themselves. It won't happen though.
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If it's this ad:

Then yep, that's what he's saying but you still don't get the entire context.

I'm not to sure on this one as I'm not sure what context all those remarks were made in, but I do know he has said that it should be a states rights issue just as it was before Roe V. Wade.
Some people need to read this book:

I don't know.what his campaign manager is thinking romney has one.chance now and that's Ohio. Pa is not relevant at all. Ohio or bust should be Romney's motto now. OBAMA knows it which is why he's focusing so.much there now...

If the gop keeps this up it'll stand for Giving Obama the Presidency... they done a good job setting him up for it.
Today i got calls from, Newt Gingridge, Rick Santorum, Mittens, Clint Eastwood and two others I hung up on.
"The greatest danger to American freedom is a government that ignores the Constitution."
Thomas Jefferson

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