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PA's gun control efforts have not been fruitful....
Unbelievable. This story is by the same guy that covered the Doylestown rally on the 31st. Gary Weckselmoonbat.

The libs are just relentless. Folks living in district 31 need to get on this Santarsiero he sounds like a real douche. I am getting sick and tired of these masterminds.

Quote:Legislation has been introduced in the Pennsylvania General Assembly similar to a bill signed into law in Connecticut on Thursday that restricts purchases of certain weapons and large-capacity ammunition magazines and includes background checks for all firearms sales.

But having those bills pass the Legislature for Gov. Tom Corbett's signature and allow the commonwealth to join Connecticut, California, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts in having the country's strongest gun control laws might be considered more than a long shot.

"This is a very different state than those," said state Rep. Steve Santarsiero, D-31, a proponent of tighter gun control measures.

While he believes the gun issue is best handled on a national level, with those efforts "stalled," he said it is "incumbent on state government" to act.

"I do think we have to make every effort to ensure the safety of our citizens with reasonable gun legislation and a top-to-bottom review of our mental health delivery system."

He has worked with state Rep. Ron Waters, D-191, of Philadelphia, and state Rep. Madeleine Dean, D-153, of Montgomery County, on a series of bills, including the banning of assault weapons (House Bill 517).

Santarsiero has also said any new law "needs to stipulate it is unlawful to either purchase or possess" assault weapons. "If that means buying back these weapons, so be it."
n1fhpa, proud to be a member of since Sep 2012.
Chance of passage: 0.00%

The Philadelphia delegation in Harrisburg lost its clout when Senator Fumo was sent to Federal pound me in the ass prison. Dwight Evans lost control of Appropriations in the House--so Philly didn't have control over the state budget. It's been that way for 3 years now.

The bi-partisan bill introduced this week to strengthen sentencing on criminals in Philadelphia caught violating PUFA though definitely has a chance at passage because all the D's in Harrisburg will latch on to it and I'm sure most R's in the suburbs will join in.
ArcticSplash;93498 Wrote:Chance of passage: 0.00%

Chance of these douche bags being ousted...0.00%.

Which means eventually we lose.
Welcome to ObamaNation part deuxUtg
God's Country;93501 Wrote:
ArcticSplash;93498 Wrote:Chance of passage: 0.00%

Chance of these douche bags being ousted...0.00%.

Which mean eventually we lose.

Well it's a battle for population and we live in a representative democracy.

White flight helped remove a lot of conservative opposition in Philadelphia County in the late 60s and 70s. With that bunch were also racist, but libtard, Democrats who followed them out (hint: look at the building trades unions. Most of the members don't live in Philly, they live just outside Philly in the collar counties, heavy D supporters and they vote their union card. Gun control is not a top issue on many of their minds).

So, there's quite a number of suburban jurisdictions surrounding Philly where extreme gerrymandering has been done to guarantee the safety of Republicans this time around (thanks to Dominic Pileggi), but that of course leaves "spoils" districts where you let those up without competition to the minority party.

Pileggi is not going to allow a CT-style ban to make its way to the floor and there's plenty of rural republicans who will be happy to let it die in committee.

Unless you have some master plan to move a bunch of opposite-opinion people into his district and also fuck like bunnies and raise kids there and make sure they stay in that district as voters to usurp the population that's voting for him, your only option then is to win hearts and minds of the people who are voting that incumbent in.

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