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kevindsingleton;35616 Wrote:
andrewjs18;35450 Wrote:I disagree. I don't think most Republicans are any more principled than most Democrats, for if they were, they wouldn't constantly play the 'lesser of two evils game' in every single election whether it be on the local, state, or federal level.

someone who is principled does not put aside their principles to do the exact opposite of their professed principles.

Adults who are principled often do. It's called "compromise", and it is the art of getting what you want.

Did you see how well the "no compromise", highly-principled Ron Paul contingent fared, this, and every election?

I guess you didn't see a later post where I said people do, at times, put aside their principles...
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andrewjs18;35684 Wrote:I guess you didn't see a later post where I said people do, at times, put aside their principles...

So, is that an apology for instigating by saying that "someone who is principled does not put aside their principles"? Wink
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TheWolff;35681 Wrote:
39Flathead;35648 Wrote:Today I took a political quiz another user posted, as a whole, I am lined up with Republicans, but coming in a close second was Libertarian.
I know it was the questions regarding weed that gave the favor to the Republican party.

As I've said many times, I agree with Libertarians much of the time but it is their simple refusal to compromise on anything that turns me off to the party.
I simply refuse to consider aligning myself with a party that cares more for a persons "right" to bake their brain than my right to be able to walk down the sidewalk with my kids without being accosted by a meth head or possibly run over by a pothead heading to Sheetz for a box of donuts.

The libertarians I know want the war on drugs over and drugs decriminalized but wouldn't absolve users of any responsibility for their actions while using it any more than they would for someone who crashes into someone while DUI of alcohol.
I want increased penalties for DUI drivers that hurt or kill someone, I would want those stiffer penalties for drug users as well.
Hurt someone, first offense, automatic 8 years in prison, not county jail, prison. Kill someone, 15 years in prison. This would be multiplied by the number of injured/killed. Kill four people due to your choice, 60 years for you.

I also want there to be automatic civil penalties for those under the influence that hurt or kill.
Automatic loss of 1/4 your worth for hurting someone, and additional 1/4 of the remaining property for each additional victim.
And 1/4 of your income till you die, this includes any "entitlements", no getting off scott free because you claim to be disabled and cannot work.
Double if the person injured is unable to work.

Kill someone, 3/4 of your worth automatically goes to the heirs. If no heirs, choose a charity.
1/2 of your income after that to the heirs or charity til you kick it.
Kill more than one, lose it all. 3/4 of future income.

Allowing someone to make the choice that they want to destroy their own bodies should be solely on them, not the taxpayer.
This goes for their medical care when they hurt themselves and the medical care and future support of their victims.
If this means DUI's die due to no care, so be it, it's their choice after all to make.

Penalties for pot growers that allow some to steal their crops as well.
Penalties for adults that allow minors to get a hold of their stash.
Monetary and jail time.

Legalizing drugs and then allowing the current pansy ass laws to stay in place will never get my support.
All current laws applying to booze should also apply to drugs then as well.

Automatic penalties I'll accept, but I'd rather see the chair in cases of DUI involving death.

This is something I have personal experiences with, no selfish ass that thinks they are not harming anyone but themselves needs to be put away and harshly punished when their actions finally harm someone else.
Some people need to read this book:


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