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What kinds of supplies do you have for pandemics?

I'm not talking "crazy prepper" type stuff, like on doomsday preppers. However, it cannot be denied that when looking back through history, the thing that kills people more than war is disease.

With that in mind, I put together a couple of kits that are stashed throughout my house. In them, I put anti-viral/bacterial hand lotion, a thermometer for monitoring temperature, basic tissues, plastic sheeting to quarantine a room if needed, some procedure masks, and some nitrile gloves. With each kit, I keep a can of germicidal wipes.

Along with all of that, I keep a supply of Relenza on hand, which should help with bird flu and swine flu. How I came into the Relenza supply is OPSEC.

Here's some pics;

3 of the kits (I keep one in each of my main spaces), and the Relenza;

[Image: P1000648_zps5efb4bf1.jpg]

Closeup of the kit;

[Image: P1000650_zps17fb5a1d.jpg]

Closeup of the germicidal wipes;

[Image: P1000649_zps13fae9d3.jpg]

Let's hear/see any ideas for dealing with some sort of pandemic.

[Image: pafoasig.png]
Justin ,You are very well prepared.
Never thought of anything
like this.
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That's why I'm posting it! You don't have to go all crazy like some, just some simple supplies will go a long way to helping you weather things like a flu breakout. All of this stuff can be put together pretty cheap.

[Image: pafoasig.png]

To answer your question in your rep, you can get all of this cheaply. There is nothing in the kits that can't be had from walmart, or the dollar store, or other such places..., except the germicidal wipes.

I bet that those Clorox wipes would work just fine, but typically, their cans aren't sealed and will dry out over time. These cans are seal with metal foil so that hopefully, they'll stay on the shelf indefinitely, until needed. However, I've had them for a few years now so I'm thinking of cracking one open to see, to be sure.

You can get the one's in my pics here;

[Image: pafoasig.png]
Don't forget to start BEFORE it all goes down, as in daily. Take a decent multi-vit and good doses of D, C, and trace elementals. That can go a long way to keep a healthy immune system.

No guarantees, but my wife and I have been taking supplements for decades, and we're healthy while everybody around us is hacking and sneezing every winter.
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Indeed! That is good advice, thank you!

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We keep a sizeable supply of albuterol, antibiotics (ciproflaxin, z-packs, amoxycilln), Tamiflu, corticosteriods (prednisone), some antivirals, and enough HAZMAT gear to outfit four people; suits, masks, filters, and so forth.
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YEah I was thinking of bringing home some tyvec suits. I am stocking fish meds as well.

[Image: pafoasig.png]
Fish meds aren't going to help you for anything but bacterial infections they won't flight flu strains or smallpox or anything like that. Pandemics don't just appear overnight they follow a exponential progression which spreads fast later on but not so much in the earlier stages. Once I start to read about say 300 cases of something novel in a week or something then I'll batten down the hatches, but it's not as if infected zombies will be walking the streets overnight. I used to work in a pharmacy and I almost never got sick I took no vaccines or drugs not even the flu vaccine (not that I'm anti-vaccine or anything I just didn't want them). I never once got the flu at all my entire time behind the counter. I don't claim to have an invincible immune system or anything... want to know my magical secret?

1- If someone walks up to me sweating like a pig and doesn't look like a junkie withdrawing or said to me, "does this look like pink-eye to you?" Take a step back.

2- I washed my hands while on my shift at least 10 times a day, as soon as I was done dealing with anyone who looked sick. I'm not a hand-washing freak outside work beyond whats normal, I just didn't want to get the flu at the height of flu season dealing with several people who had it every day.

3- Never touch your eyes or your face when dealing with potentially sick people or having just interacted in a public space! I don't care how bad it itches don't do it! Touching near your eyes or mouth is the easiest way to contract an airborne or surface contact virus! Most people think they can scratch just this once or get something out of their eye with their fingers and get away with it and that's how they get infected.

4- At opening or closing every day I wiped down my entire workstation with paper towels soaked in rubbing alcohol, specifically focusing on the keyboard and mouse at the patient database terminal. If somebody really really sick came in I might do it once they left.

5- Turn your head if someone coughs or sneezes too close to you.

That's it! If you avoid human contact if a pandemic and follow those rules you'll not contract anything except maybe a bacterial infection if you cut yourself and don't clean it, it's nearly impossible otherwise to get something then unless it is transmitted from an animal which is unlikely. Most viruses also only kill the very old or the very young, even if you get infected more often than not you can fight off whatever it is unless it's something like Malaria or Lyme Disease as long as you are in good shape. Also, the little face masks do next to nothing unless it's a special respirator. Surgeons use them to keep the stuff they are carrying from infecting you while they have you open on the table when they breathe and talk, it's not for protecting them from you.
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The Spanish Flu which killed millions in the 1920's killed mostly the young and healthy Of course the usual people at risk also but it seemed to be very deadly to those that wouldnt be considered high risk. So virus' dont necessarily follow any rules. Just keep that in mind. Not saying that Justins safeguards arent great but some things I think we are at the mercy of coincidence.
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