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Parade float targeting Obama's future presidential library draws criticism
das;148799 Wrote:
RocketFoot;148793 Wrote:This piece from CNN really pisses me off!

They always gotta pull the race card. ALWAYS! Silly American wannabe's, not everything has to do with race...
The "fear" come on give it break already.Angry I guess Im extra racist I own a black jeep, black dog and black shoes. He is a terrible president and people know it. His library will consist of Lenin, Marx and comic books.

I have two white cars and a white dog. But no white sheets.
tolerance for failure meter... LOW
It'll be full of shit, just like the asshole it's named after.
schr8er2000;148791 Wrote:
gascolator;148752 Wrote:Not appropriate to pillory the President--- any President--- during a 4th of July Parade.

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. It's the wrong message to the kids. Independence Day parades ought to be people dressed up as George and Martha Washington, etc., etc.

What if they'd done a "Salute to Pres. G. W. Bush's Military Service" and had a miniature F-100 fighter from which the President kept disappearing?

So WHY is it that we cant do that on the 4th of July ???? Wasnt our independence also about freedom of speech.... ??? AND when the PREZ is a total idiot why not make fun of him.... especially when everything this man does is full of crap.... an outhouse is the most appropriate symbol of this man, his ideas and everything that comes out of his mouth....

BUT then again the RACIST card had to be played whenever anyone says or does something against this king wannabe....

Learn to read.

I didn't say "can't."

In fact I specifically said "you can."

I also said "it doesn't mean you should."

In my opinion, if you put a float with any kind of negative message in a 4th of July parade, you're just an asshole, and the float says more about you than it does about anyone.

Of course assholes being what they are, they're going to say "Well, I'm just celebrating my 'Murkin right to say whatever the hell I want to say wherever I want to say it!"

So I contend that whoever put that float in or allowed it to be put in is a selfish asshole who chooses to be nasty and offensive to anyone who just might have used THEIR American freedom to vote for they guy on a day when we should all be celebrating together.

If you want to go protest the "gumment" go do it on another street or on another day. Get some flags and sparklers to wave around and an Uncle Sam hat. Eat a hot dog and think about how much better you have it than the vast majority of the world.

Or stay home and listen to Rush Limbaugh re-runs and drink beer and grump in your Lazy Boy.

Just don't shit all over someone else's holiday.

(By the way, I feel the same way about Native Americans who shit all over Columbus Day festivities.)
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