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Pat down at a cancer benefit.
Not as bad as it seems, but I thought I would share.

A good friend of mine's mother has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. And unfortunately, she doesn't have insurance.

So a benefit was held. A bowling party benefit.

This woman, is an absolute sweetheart. And has seen me many times OCing. And knows that I carry a gun anywhere that it is legal. She also agrees with my views, and CCs everywhere that is legal.

Well, we bowled, had a chinese auction, a bake sale, and a collection for her. And I must say, I was quite happy with how it turned out. The wife still works for the bank that I used to work for, and we are working on something else for her as well. But, I digress.

After about an hour of bowling, my friend's mother walked over to me. And gave me a strange look. Then she stepped to the side, and gave me another strange look.

"Connal. You didn't bring your gun tonight?"
Sure I did. I just didn't bring my usual. I would hit it with the bowling ball.

She then started patting my waist. Looking to see where I had one of my other ones hidden.

"Did you leave it in the car?"
"Nah, you just need to try lower." I replied while winking.

She laughed and patted my pockets. And felt the LC9 I had tucked in a pocket holster.

"That's a good boy Connal. You can be the armed guard for the money box."

I have to say, for being up to her ears in Dr's bills. And diagnosed with cancer, she smiled, laughed, and had a good time. We raised some money for her, and she knows that a very large group love and support her as well.

She is a strong woman, and I know she will get through this. But we are all going to help her along. Thought I would just share, because I thought it was funny that she was so shocked I didn't have a gun on me.

As for my reason of CCing this time around, the bowling alley is under new management. And I didn't want to be asked to leave and miss it. Not to mention that, I won a lamp in the chinese auction. It's a nice lamp too. Big Grin
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