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Penn Dutch Sportsmen
Some that are members here may be members of this Gun club in New Holland, PA. If you not aware at the last meeting there was a rule change that effectively bans all semi-automatic rifles from being used on the range as well as limiting number of rounds in a pistol to 6 rounds.

This effectively eliminates a decent amount of people from using their facilities for just the sport of target shooting. Below is the email that was sent to all members.

Quote: For some time the club has been attempting to deal with issues of safety, and damage to our shooting ranges. With our growing membership, these problems have increased to the point where the club has seen the need to take action to prevent the closing of our ranges. Penn Dutch is a SPORTSMEN'S Club and has taken steps to keep the ranges open to our sportsmen members so that they will have a place to sight in and practice with their firearms used for hunting.

Therefore, the following rules have been added to our shooting range regulations, effective immediately.

1. Only long guns that are legal to hunt with in Pennsylvania will be allowed to be used on our ranges. (All automatic or semi-automatic rifles are prohibited on all ranges).
2. Semi-automatic handguns are allowed on the handgun ranges, but are LIMITED to a MAXIMUM of 6 (six) ROUNDS in the chamber and magazine combined at one time. After firing those rounds, you may reload with a six round maximum again.

We realize this will be a disappointment to some members. However, Penn Dutch is a Sportsmen’s Club, not a shooting club, and this should not negatively affect the needs of our sportsmen members.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Also, we have observed a number of shooters are not displaying their membership cards at the bench while using the ranges. This is also a requirement. Please observe all rules to prevent the need to take further action.

The next meeting is December 17th at the Welsh Mountain Community Center. If you want to attempt to get this rule rescinded please plan on attending this meeting to voice your disappointment.
wow. That would suck hard.

Glad I'm not a member there. Of course, if I were, I wouldn't be any more. Hope you guys can get it rescinded.
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Looks like they'll be losing some members.
A gun rack in a pick-up is not for holding guns. Its a place for women to hold on to. Smile
This reminds me of the people who think the second amendment only applies to hunting. I'm glad I am not a member of that range. If I had a business (such as a gunshop) that advertised or donated money/things at the club or their events, then I would cease everything immediately.
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The Sportsman Shop in New Holland PA is closely affiliated with this range, sad that I can no longer shoot the rifle that I purchased from them at that range. I will no longer conduct any business with that shop either.
Not good at all. Best of luck talking some sense into them. Are there any other decent clubs in the area?
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Streaker, what would your estimate be of members that use the range solely for sportsmen purposes? In other words, how many members do you suspect will leave?

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There are people even at my club who would salivate over the idea of having rules like these. The fact of the matter is that fudds aren't benign nor are they on our side. Often times they're as just an enemy of our rights as the left-wing radicals. However, unlike most left-win radicals the fudds are able tin infiltrate our ranks and organizations better and more effectively. This even is testament to that.
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Sportsmen are not our friends. These people obviously have their own definition of what firearms should be used for. Good luck trying to sway their decision.
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This range is in Jersey...right?Rolleyes

Sucks when gun owners don't have the foggiest notion of the 2A.
Sucks even worse when they are voters.
Welcome to ObamaNation part deuxUtg

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