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Pennsylvania: Does your Employer Ban Firearms in Their Parking Lot?
Pennsylvania: Does your Employer Ban Firearms in Their Parking Lot?

Posted on April 14, 2014

Your National Rifle Association is currently seeking information from our members in Pennsylvania on employers who prohibit employees from transporting to/from and storing firearms in their locked, private motor vehicles while parked at work. This information will be a valuable tool in advancing state “employee protection” legislation in Harrisburg. Businesses have no legitimate interest in micromanaging the lawful contents of one’s private vehicle at the workplace.

These types of policies only serve to jeopardize the safety of their employees commuting to and from the workplace. You shouldn’t have to be the next potential victim of violent crime because you decided to seek employment from a company that banned the storage of firearms in your privately-owned vehicle.

If your company has such a policy, please contact NRA-ILA's State and Local Division at state& and share this information. We have already received some information about companies who have similar anti-gun gun policies, but we need to know more.

Your NRA-ILA will be making “employee protection” a legislative priority and so should the Pennsylvania General Assembly. Contact your state legislators today and ask them to make employee protection a priority this session! Tell them that 23 states around the country have employee protection parking lot laws, and that Pennsylvanians should have the same rights as nearly half of the country.
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I KNOW that Amazon in Hazleton does not allow firearms ON THEIR PROPERTY... even though they actually only lease the building.... but what ever... I dont work there any more so I dont care about them.. but others do...
You want to take my guns away ???? SCREW YOU ............
My company only allows where state law says employers have to by law.

I report to work in Maryland and all my locations are in Maryland and Wash DC, so I'm fucked for carry down there anyway.
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Interesting. I wonder how it would apply to my facility? I'm thinking that if the state said that employers must allow arms in parking lots, that we'd be covered under that. The feds only regulate what's inside our 'protected area.'

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My employer does. But this is my last week there. Don't know if the new one does or not. Will find out on monday

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Whatever is in your car is no ones business, I don't give a fuck what they say or think.

Its your property, just because it's on theirs im not that much of a fan of personal property rights that gives them the right to search your car unless you're dumb enough to sign an explicit agreement to that extent
I work in DE and my employer does not allow it unless you work in a State that supports such, by Law. DE does not.
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Work in PA live in DE mainly because the property taxes in the areas of PA that I would need to live fucking suck (people in Garnet Valley have lost their fucking minds! Every penny of equity is stolen by taxes it's insane!). The group I work with is more concerned with making money than politics, they really don't care that much. There are so few of us we hardly have anything like that in the handbook. Basically don't cause a problem for the company by being a moron and you won't have any problems. Then again we aren't a McDonald's which has a habit of hiring morons. We do have one person though who is a country club R that always loves to whine after mass shootings that we need to ban everything but his duck gun Rolleyes. I personally spend very little time in the office at all and customers very rarely visit us, we go to them so it doesn't make a whole lot of difference to me even if they did care and I usually don't spend much time in our customer's offices either. For most intents and purposes my car is my office about 90% of the time Tongue
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