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Pentagon to destroy $1B in ammunition
Report: Pentagon to destroy $1B in ammunition
Tom Vanden Brook, USA TODAY 12:59 a.m. EDT April 28, 2014
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(Photo: Jacquelyn Martin, AP)

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon plans to destroy more than $1 billion worth of ammunition although some of those bullets and missiles could still be used by troops, according to the Pentagon and congressional sources.

It's impossible to know what portion of the arsenal slated for destruction — valued at $1.2 billion by the Pentagon — remains viable because the Defense Department's inventory systems can't share data effectively, according to a Government Accountability Office report obtained by USA TODAY.

The result: potential waste of unknown value.
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If it's. 45 I'll take it

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Even more disturbing is this.

"In all, the Pentagon manages a stockpile of conventional ammunition worth $70 billion."

I find that to be an embarrassing waste.

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At least they're not giving it to our "allies" Rolleyes
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Destroy existing ammo and order 1 billion rounds of new ammo. Drive prices up again keep the ammo out of civilian hands. Angry
Are you fucking shitting me.
I wonder how old the ammo is. I mean, it used to be common knowledge on the forums that ammo should be cycled every year. I wonder if this is something similar..... Shrug
I agree with Nomad. Just when ammo was becoming available again.
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I hereby submit my bid for all 5.56x45 and 7.62x51 at scrap value + 1%. I'll handle the disassambly myself, or sub-contract it, in the spirit of reducing the fiscal burden on taxpayers. I will also offer scrap + 1% on all of the M16/M4 and M14 dissassembly machines.
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Here is who you need to contact to complain:

Fraud, Waste, Abuse

DoD Office of the Inspector General

Form to complete, with email and fax:

DOD defines waste as:
Quote:Waste – involves the taxpayers not receiving reasonable value for money in connection with any government funded activities due to an inappropriate act or omission by players with control over or access to government resources (e.g., executive, judicial or legislative branch employees, grantees or other recipients). Importantly, waste goes beyond fraud and abuse and most waste does not involve a violation of law. Rather, waste relates primarily to mismanagement, inappropriate actions and inadequate oversight.
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