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People Are Driving Less! Ban Guns, Magazines and Privacy!
People Are Driving Less! Ban Guns, Magazines and Privacy!!.aspx
Posted on October 12, 2012
Good article from NRA, Worth the couple of seconds it takes to read it.
These days, not too much time passes without Josh Sugarmann, formerly of the National Coalition to Ban Handguns, blurting out some nonsense on the Huffington Post website. Not too much time at all. Usually just enough for him to photocopy a bunch of ads from The Shotgun News, slap them together with a few paragraphs of inflammatory rhetoric that he has used a dozen times before, call the half-asked effort a "study," and run down to the bank to deposit another six-figure check from the Joyce Foundation.

However, in his latest Huffington screed, Sugarmann says that in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia combined, the total number of motor vehicle accident deaths has fallen below the aggregate of firearm suicides, murders, self-defense homicides and accidents. "That's according to a new analysis by my organization, the Violence Policy Center," he says. (Translation: Sugarmann had one of his miniscule "organization's" go-fers spend five minutes on the internet downloading the numbers from the CDC's Wisqars website.) GET MORE FROM LINK.
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