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People wait hours to buy generators at West Hazleton store
Not only did they flock here from out of town making ot harder for people in this area to get supplies, they blamed Lowes management for not being ready to accommodate them in their own failure to be prepared. They should have been removed from the store when they tried to block the checkout lines.

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Quote: With a monster storm headed for his hometown, Camp Hill resident Rick Saullo arrived at Lowe's Home Improvement in West Hazleton on Saturday morning with the hope of claiming one of 60 highly sought-after generators that were expected to arrive during the day.

He wasn't alone.

With their homes in the path of a hurricane that's expected to drench the northeast and deliver walloping wind gusts, Saullo and dozens of other homeowners from Hazleton, Hazle Township, and communities in New York and New Jersey endured waits of six hours or more at the store for a shipment that had not arrived.

The wait for Saullo and other irate customers ended shortly after 5:30 p.m. - when store managers responded to an hours-old demand from customers to hand out tickets reserving their purchases.

"It's a total mess," Saullo said from his spot in a line of customers that extended for hundreds of feet along a main aisle inside the store. "There's no communication."

A line of customers formed down the main aisle, with the earliest arriving before 8 a.m. Saturday. The line extended from near a plumbing section at the back of the store to a pair of double doors that led to an outdoor gardening section.

Some customers sat on plastic, five-gallon buckets while others sat on large metal carts. Others leaned on shelving units while openly voicing their frustration for the store management's response.
The law? The law is a human institution...
Frustration over their own poor planning and stupidity is more like it.
streaker69;31114 Wrote:Frustration over their own poor planning and stupidity is more like it.

Why should they prepare they can just drive to hillbilly country and get what they need the day before anything happens Big Grin
The law? The law is a human institution...
streaker69;31114 Wrote:Frustration over their own poor planning and stupidity is more like it.
Thats the mentality of most of the people in Camp Hill, they think since some of them have money they will get what they want. driving a 100 miles one way in hope to claim a generator and getting shot down....good for him
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I'm sure the government will take care of them.Tongue

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