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Pet Food Stamps

Okay, so this is a non-profit, so I can't complain, because it seems to be basically a private charity sort of thing. Which, great! I'm for private charities.

However this caught my eye:

Quote:To keep Americans from having to choose between feeding their pets or themselves, dog and cat owners currently receiving public assistance can apply for help.

Wait, wait, wait. The entire article is talking about people who are already on food stamps, who also need help for their pet food....because food stamps buy Coke, but not dog food. question do people have to "choose between feeding their pets or themselves" when they're already on food stamps? Thus...already feeding themselves? Shrug

It also was not clear in the article if those NOT already on public assistance could sign up? What if people are just having a rough time on their own, trying to make it, and decide to give up their pet....instead, I wonder if they can sign up? Or is this only for people already working the system?

Honestly, for the cost of two or three individual boxes of cigarettes (I'm guessing), you can buy a large bag of basic dog food. For the cost of a case of beer (which I don't buy it, so I am not sure how much it is) I imagine you can buy a large bag of basic dog food, as well.

Technically, you could probably use your food stamps to feed your dog raw chicken thighs on sale and stuff like that....nobody said your dog HAS to eat commercial dog food to survive....chicken thighs are cheap, and rice is cheap. Frozen veggies you can thaw and add to the mix are cheap, too.

I feel bad that this non-profit is probably really trying to help those who need serious help...but I'm pretty sure it will mostly be utilized by those who want to reserve back extra beer money and Coach bag cash. Priorities, priorities, priorities....

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In Pa a pack a day costs you between 75 and 150 bucks a month.
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If I was in charge I would put it into law that the purchase of tattoos or cigarettes while on welfare would bar you from it for life.
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Add getting knocked up too.
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Exbiker;100480 Wrote:In Pa a pack a day costs you between 75 and 150 bucks a month.

Wow. Okay....well we feed our large breed dog premium dog food and could still easily stay under that each month.

I would much prefer to see that charity work as a favor to the struggling middle class--not simply another benefit to sign up for, for those who are already signed up for everything.

This is sort of random, but when I first got married, we were really, really struggling, but did not sign up for anything. My sister in law was one of the welfare people, living on the system and having kids. At one point she got all sorts of Christmas gifts delivered to her kids, brand new appliances for her apartment, and some other stuff. Two months later she got evicted. They gave her like 3 days or a week or something to pick up all her stuff and move it, but she never did. I couldn't figure out why she wouldn't at least TRY to move all that stuff (esp the new appliances) but then realized "easy come, easy go". (Of course, it was probably roach-infested anyway...I had been in one of her apartments, and had to use the bathroom once, and it was creepy.)

People who work for their things always appreciate their things more....that's something even kids end up learning. They save up for something and generally it means a lot more to them than something their parents bought.
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