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Phila. officers suspected in Kensington break-in
Quote:Phila. officers suspected in Kensington break-in

KENSINGTON - October 25, 2013 (WPVI) -- A family in Kensington had a break-in at their home and Philadelphia narcotics officers are suspected in the crime.

Sources say Wednesday night around 8:00 p.m., five members of the 24th District Narcotics Enforcement Team, known as NETS allegedly broke into a family's home in the 2900 block of Hurley Street.

They allegedly broke in through a window when nobody was home under the auspices that it was a drug house.

However sources say, they had no warrant, found no drugs and ended up taking a Police Explorers Uniform to memorialize the event.

"I feel really hurt. That's something I've been waiting for and it was just taken," said Keyshlyne Patterson.

15-year-old Patterson has been working for over a year as a member of the Police Explorer's Club, an organization for young people interested in becoming police officers.

The family didn't know that their house had been broken into until they returned home the next day.

"From afar, I saw my gate and my door open, so I knew something was wrong. I automatically called police and told them that someone broke into my home," said India Torres.

Torres had no idea that it was police officers who allegedly broke into her home until neighbors told them.

She called Internal Affairs telling them they picked the wrong family.

"I don't own that much stuff in my house and the little bit of stuff I have is very valuable. I work hard to have this house and for someone to just come in and destroy it - it's not gonna happen," said Torres.

On Thursday night, detectives from Internal Affairs went to the 24th District and sealed off the officer's locker room with yellow crime scene tape.

Sources say they recovered the Police Explorers uniform and other items from one of the lockers.

All five officers were asked to turn in their guns and have been placed on desk duty pending further review by the police commissioner.

Meanwhile Torres says she has no idea why her home was targeted.

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Stay classy, PPD.
tolerance for failure meter... LOW
If the average Joe forcibly breaks into a home and burglarizes it he goes to jail. If cops do they get put on desk duty and keep their jobs. Will the police ever be subjected to the same penalties of law as the citizenry?
Cop basher.. you must hate all cops. What happened to you that you hate all cops. Quick close this thread we don't need a cop hater spewing this shit. It's only one... /sarcamism. Expose these fucking pigs! Fuck them. It's THESE assholes that are the root of all our problems. People in authority attacking freemen and getting a pass while other "good cops" keep making excuses for why they tolerate it. Blame it on their boss judges and try to say they wouldn't allow it. Its all bullshit either care enough to stop it or you're just as guilty as these morons..

Heres some more but let's look the other way while officers delete recordings of them doing wrong, abuse children, make women strip and masterbate infront of them. .
Quote:Point Marion, Pennsylvania: The police department police department has paid $65,000 to settle a lawsuit from a man who was arrested last year for using his cell phone to audio record an officer. The charge was withdrawn by the district attorney and the cell phone was returned, but without the recording. County, Georgia: A police officer was arrested and charged with child molestation, police said. He admitted to the charges and offered his resignation. Berthoud, Colorado (First reported 10-16-13): A police officer, who has been on administrative leave, was arrested on four counts of child abuse and one count of false imprisonment. He was accused of child abuse by his ex-fiancé, Pennsylvania: The feds have indicted a police officer and his former partner in a civil rights case. A woman says that the officer instructed her to remove all of her clothes and sit naked while he performed a sex act in front of her. He has been fired.
I hope they're charged and convicted. Taking the uniform as a "trophy" is very telling as is the fact that they apparently didn't record it as a mistaken search. Dodgy

I'm sure if they are, defense lawyers will be lining up to contest any case they touched. Maybe that will be the catalyst to get the department to play by the rules.
Fry them, they kicked the public in the balls.
Yep. They need to be locked up for a long, long time. They took it to a whole nother level when they took the uniform.

This wasn't a mistaken search.

This wasn't for $.

This was for the process of it. They even took a trophy. Like a serial killer will.

Non-the-less, they stole the uniform of someone who - at least until then - wanted to be a cop. Great way to set an example, guys!

They really, really need to be locked up.

Although, I will say, I am surprised that they even have desk duty and this wasn't glossed over.
Sounds like something straight out of The Shield or Training Day. Sad to think either of those are so close to representing the true state of LEO corruption. Stuff like this makes me grateful for the good cops out there that we do have. Imagine if they were all like this.
The law? The law is a human institution...
It amazes me that supervision fails on so many levels that a whole unit can go criminal.

The whole city is doomed.
steelcityk9cop, proud to be a member of since Sep 2012.
steelcityk9cop;123315 Wrote:It amazes me that supervision fails on so many levels that a whole unit can go criminal.

The whole city is doomed.

That's my problem with stories like this. It's a clear case of failure to properly supervise, and I bet that the CO's won't even be looked at it, and if they are, they won't be punished.

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