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Quote:Stu Bykofsky: Responsible Gun Owners Must Speak Out

Stu Bykofsky, Daily News Columnist
Posted: Friday, January 11, 2013, 3:01 AM

TO RESPONSIBLE GUN OWNERS: If you don't trust Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly, whom do you trust?

Two years ago, U.S. Rep. Giffords took a bullet in the head during an attack that killed six, wounded 12 others. In a sense, as a representative of the people, the pro-gun Democrat took that bullet for you and me.

Like you and me, Giffords is a responsible gun owner, as is her husband, former astronaut Mark Kelly, the son of two New Jersey police officers and a veteran of Operation Desert Storm. When they say they defend the Second Amendment, I believe them.

On Tuesday, Giffords and Kelly launched a political-action committee, Americans for Responsible Solutions (ARS), to lobby Congress to enact sensible gun-control laws. On Wednesday, I made a donation to ARS.

One caveat: The website doesn't list what those sensible solutions are, and my calls to the PAC were not returned before deadline, but I see the ARS Facebook page had more than 30,000 "likes" as of Thursday night.

I'm pretty sure ARS will embrace recommendations, due next week, from Vice President Joe Biden's gun-control task force. These are expected to include: A ban (again) on "assault rifles" and high-capacity magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, universal background checks, a national database to track gun sales and another to identify potential gun buyers with mental problems, and a crackdown on straw purchasers who buy guns and illegally pass them along.

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So because I don't support an AWB, magazine limit, and ban on online ammo sales, all of the sudden I am an irresponsible gun owner? Hey Stu, HOW ABOUT THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S OFFICE STARTS ENFORCING THE CURRENT LAWS WE HAVE AND THE LIBERAL JUDGES START LOCKING UP THESE SCUMBAGS? Why don't we also get rid of "gun free zones" since all they do is encourage criminals to engage unarmed targets? How about allowing teachers who have their LTCFs to carry in school? How about allowing college kids who have their LTCFs to carry at college? I'm still waiting for somebody to show me proof that the founding fathers intended the second amendment to be for hunting. Everything I have come across the founding fathers discuss self defense and preventing a tyrannical government from uprising. "But oh, the founding fathers did not imagine the type of weaponry we would have today. The constitution is out-dated (sarcastic tone)." Okay, well then I guess the first amendment doesn't apply to TV, radio, and internet. If you want to freely express your opinions you would have to do it via print (newspaper, journal, etc.) or in a town square. Then there is always the "yeah, but the second amendment discusses the terms regulated and militia, so therefore it only applies to the army and the government can regulate firearms (sarcastic tone)." During our founding fathers' time regulated meant well-trained and well-prepared. As for the militia, THE MILITIA IS EVERY ABLE BODIED MALE CITIZEN BETWEEN 17 AND 45 (60 IF YOU ARE RETIRED MILITARY) WHO IS NOT IN THE MILITARY. Even the Militia Act of 1903, which established the organization of the national guard, states that the UNORGANIZED MILITIA is every able bodied male CITIZEN between the ages of 17 and 45. This isn't fucking rocket science.

.....end of rant. I need a drink.
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Actually, your reply was fantastic. I hope that you sent that to Stu to wake his simple ass up.
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