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Philly Councilman's "Peace Not Guns" Non-Profit Proved To Be a Fake

Quote:City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson has been promoting his initiative to end gun violence, Peace Not Guns, Inc., since he began his political career as a member of the state House of Representatives in 2009.

Its website, which features photos of Johnson as well as various events the organization has sponsored, describes Peace Not Guns as a non-profit dedicated to education, mentoring and community initiatives.

It also states that it is a registered 501© 3, which means that it has permission from the federal government to raise and spend money without anyone—either donors or the organization—having to pay taxes.

That statement is not true.

Peace Not Guns, Inc. is not now and never has been a federally registered non-profit. There is no record of it in the IRS database and it has never filed any of the financial reports that are required for such organizations. It also does not appear in state listings of approved charities.

Christopher Sample, Johnson’s chief of staff, readily admitted as much when contacted by AxisPhilly, and said that the councilman has not kept any financial records for Peace Not Guns.

“There are no financials for it at all. We don’t raise any money for it. It’s just a concept, really, just (Johnson’s) way of talking about the issue. He might do a roundtable for Peace Not Guns, or a rally, but there’s nothing financial for that,” Sample said. “If some people are complaining that the councilman says it’s a 501© 3, then I’ll talk to him about that, and tell him to stop doing that.”
Corruption in Philly politics, who'd have thunk it?
I fucking hate the cesspool known as Philadelphia. I cannot wait to get the hell out of this city. ...too bad they have a say with what happens to the rest of the state.
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PP, you should move out here.
streaker69;144953 Wrote:Corruption in Philly politics, who'd have thunk it?

You are only saying that because you are a racist. I'm sure Kitty Kane will clear things up.
tolerance for failure meter... LOW
streaker69;144956 Wrote:PP, you should move out here.

I'd love to. My girlfriend and I are confined (for the time being) to working in the city, but when we buy a house, we're definitely moving to the suburbs and trying to get as much land as we can afford. She's younger than I, but we're both recent college grads. Right now we're saving our money.
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When my girlfriend and I are ready to start looking at houses, we were going to take a map of PA, put a pin in Philly, and then draw a line around every piece of land that is within an hour commute of Philly. We would then look at everything outside Philly, but within the line. We wouldn't factor rush hour traffic into our commute because that can really shrink the area we were looking at. We don't mind having a long commute if it means living away from city life and being able to have land (especially for horses).
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