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Philly Decides Not to Follow VoterID Loophole
So the place that is the most affected and also up-in-(non-lethal)-arms about Voter ID has decided to not use nursing homes and the Community College of Philadelphia to print out mass Voter ID cards for the election, but up in Huntingdon Valley (Montgomery County), they *will* be doing that.

Is Voter ID really a joke?

I am going to tell you one thing here coming from a Republican Ward leader that I know, here in Philadelphia:

Voting fraud doesn't occur by individual voters, it happens AFTER the voters are gone. Those machines in Philly record their data to a Microsoft Access database and packs of floppy disks are put in a box and handed over to a PPD officer and transported back to Delaware Avenue to be run through diskette machines, which post the data.

In between the last voter leaving the poll and the take-down of the voting machines, that's where the overvotes come from.

Voter ID stops NONE of that.

So the Puerto Ricans (all Puerto Ricans are U.S. Citizens by birth, compadres) who have to get new birth certificates because of the PR government fuck-up are kind of in a pickle if they didn't renew their PennDOT license or ID before they switched to the new birth certificate format:

They may speak da Spanish, but those vatos are all U.S. Citizens by birth. I'm wondering why the PA GOP is wasting all this court time and excuses for this Voter ID shit when the real problem is with election workers who are doing the REAL fraud here.

So we'll be blocking votes and probably spending lots of money on outside council, and we'll STILL have losers who sneak into office on the slimmest of margins thanks to overvoting.

I think the machines should come with a CLOCK that cuts them off right at 8PM and not one millisecond after. 8PM the machine is dead and whatever is on that encrypted floppy disk is permanent, and if the diskettes are "misplaced" or some missing out of sequence without the cut-off marker from the machine recorded on the last one, then we know who is trying to commit fraud.

There's two divisions in 2 different wards in Kensington here not far from me that fuck up their voting every election. It will happen again in November--just watch.
Voter ID law is falling apart: PA officials are scrambling making concessions:
The funny part...
They use floppy disks.
guess that explains district where 103% of the voters show up.
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