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Philly Sergeant investigated over guns.
Not sure what to make of this one.

Sgt. Under Investigation Over Guns

Quote:On the evening of August 3, Ruff walked into the 35th District in North Philadelphia carrying a bag containing three guns. He tells that a community member, in a different part of the city, needed help getting them to authorities.
Ruff, who himself runs the nonprofit Devoted Dads Inc., said the man had been buying the weapons from neighborhood kids in an effort to get them off the streets.
“I was working with this guy. He said he was interested in submitting firearms to me because he’d rather the kids have money to eat,” he told

.........In plain clothes and failing to identify himself as an officer, Ruff tried to anonymously turn in the guns. However, he says district police on-duty that night repeatedly asked for his information and where he obtained the weapons.
“I said ‘You don’t need my information.’ I asked for a supervisor. I was not acting as a police officer at the time,” he said. “I’m just doing this anonymously in good faith.”
The 8-year police veteran says he then went to leave the district headquarters at Broad and Champlost Streets to get the information when several officers approached him from behind outside.
“One officer says ‘I’m f-ing tasing you.’ I said, ‘If you tase me, I’m going to sue you,” he said with two Tasers pressed up against his body.
Ruff said he identified himself as an officer, but that the proof was in his pocket, which he could not reach.
Officers then noticed the man’s personal firearms on his hip and disarmed him. Ruff said he was brought back into the precinct and treated poorly during questioning. He claims one officer called him a “piece of s---” and “disgrace to the job.”
Ruff said he was detained for seven hours until, around 1:30 a.m. that Monday, Internal Affairs detectives told him he was being investigated and taken off the street. He was stripped of his police firearm, as is protocol, and sent home.
“I just started crying uncontrollably,” he said. “I couldn’t believe that the people that I call my brothers would treat me this way.”
Law enforcement sources tell that ballistics showed one of the guns was reported stolen during a past burglary. The other two guns are said to be undergoing testing to find out where they came from.
A Philadelphia Police spokesperson confirmed that Ruff was the subject of an internal investigation, but would not elaborate on the details citing department policy. Officials would not say whether Ruff is suspected of any wrongdoing. The Fraternal Order of Police, the officer’s union, did not respond to a request for comment.
Illegal guns have been a major issue for Philadelphia, like many large U.S. cities. Last year, 1,128 people were shot and 201 died at the end of a gun barrel.
Those numbers were down 11 percent from 2012, however. City leaders have made a big push in recent years to crack down on illegal guns with tougher prosecution and new policing tactics.
Still, police say buying firearms on the street, despite good intentions to get them out of the hands of teens, is illegal.
Ruff believes he and the community member were simply doing the responsible thing. Asked why he chose to turn in the guns as a civilian and not a member of the law, Ruff said he didn’t want the teens involved to be “blacklisted” for life.
“I’m thinking, ‘He’s coming to me in confidence. Let’s get these guns off the streets,’” he said.
Philadelphia Police do not have a policy requiring citizens turning over firearms to provide a name, contact information and how they obtained the weapon. But a police spokesperson says officers use their own discretion as to whether to question individuals. They say in Ruff’s case, officers were suspicious about the situation and thus asked for information.

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He going to get jammed up for not following policy. How he got the guns is not the issue... it's how he dealt with them. He could have found them... you bring them in file the correct paperwork and submit them into evidence.
Quote:Still, police say buying firearms on the street, despite good intentions to get them out of the hands of teens, is illegal.

As we've plainly seen in the case of the mother jailed in NJ, intentions don't mean jack and or shit. Charge him, send him to trial, let the courts sort it out.

It is interesting that he got a taste of what his brethren do to the little people though.
As a sergeant, he should know better. He should know better than to conduct some sort of "operation" where he does something illegal (i.e., trading in handguns without an FFL) outside of departmental oversight.

If he instead would have put some sort of "no questions asked" handgun buyback program into place under PPD Community Policing auspices, it might have helped him get promoted to Lieutenant.

He's an idiot.
gascolator, proud to be a member of since Nov 2012.
I guess this cop can hold hands with Shaneen Allen now he knows what it's like to be on the wrong side of the laws.

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