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Pittsburg Cops Beat man; Caught On Video
Quote:[Image: station-square-police-scuff.jpg?w=300]

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A video shows Eddie Lojak this past Saturday — his nose is broken, he has a concussion, a broken rib, chipped teeth, stitches across his face and a chunk of skin ripped from his tongue.

Those injuries happened after a morning of drinking to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and ended with a run-in with Pittsburgh Police.

“Cops came up behind me and shoved me down as hard as he could,” Lojak said. “Face first onto the pavement and then they all jumped on me.”
It's the "BILL OF RIGHTS" not the bill of "needs"
Quote:Sources confirm Lojak was intoxicated, his blood alcohol level was more than three times the legal limit.

And because the video doesn't show what caused the altercation, it's impossible to sympathize with him or call him a dumb ass.

Edit/update: I didn't see page 2 and just read this too

Quote: When asked if he was drunk, Lojak said, “I was probably intoxicated, I don’t know how much.”

He doesn't even know if he was drunk, when they confirmed he was 3x the legal limit. My guess is he was drunk and acting like a jackass. Of course his face is going to be messed up. I've seen drunk people fall on their own and mess up their faces. Because he is 3x the legal limit, he probably has no balance and when the cops gave him a shove to keep moving, he did a face plant onto the sidewalk. He probably then started acting more disorderly after that and was locked up. I'm not saying I am 100% correct, but that is my prediction. I have no problem calling out the police for when they mess up, but I think FOR THE MOST PART it wasn't their fault. They might have been a little excessive, but it was probably his own drunken behavior that messed up his face more than anything.
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