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Pittsburger arrested for OC
I watched the video and was SMH! The kid seems a little off , however he still has rights. If he is telling the truth, then the Police screwed up big time! That never happens, does it? This is a case where I have doubt about the whole truth being told. I also read the other comments that the kid has a big attitude. I suppose if he cant accept good advise, he will have to hang alone, ohhh well!
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Jordan Mccallister
hey guys. news update on my situation got my gun back when i threatend a lawsuit and i got a court order for my gun to be returned. but i unfortunatlet still have to face the charge the judge i got the order from cannot overule the cops since its not his jurisdiction and i didnt go to court yet. the only way he can is if i get found gulity or not gulty
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