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Planned Parenthood supports #BlackLivesMatter
I really did LOL when I read this.... and if I could triple facepalm I would have:

Quote:Despite its history of pioneering widespread abortions in black communities, Planned Parenthood joined the #BlackLivesMatter Twitter protest Monday afternoon, tweeting, “We are joining #Ferguson organizers and protesters in DC today — standing in solidarity with you! #HandsUpWalkOut #BlackLivesMatter”

The movement is part of the ongoing response to a grand jury’s decision not to indict Darren Wilson for the murder of Michael Brown, an 18-year-old African-American who was shot and killed by the police officer in August. Some have said that the failure to indict is evidence that black people in the United States don’t merit the same legal protections that white people do, and have taken to Twitter to express their outrage.

Now Planned Parenthood has joined the fray with this cruelly ironic tweet. In New York City in 2012, more abortions were performed on black women than black children were born.

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No comment, as it will only be construed as racist. Ninja
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Paying for welfare is slavery.
Of course they'd side with them considering the amount of money PP gets from the black community.
If only abortion were illegal...what a dream that would be. Rolleyes

We'd only have ~35% more mostly fatherless kids that nobody wants (who likely won't even be adopted) people who will likely search out gangs and violent lifestyles in place of actual fathers in order to reinforce their masculinity of whom at least 1 in 3 will serve time. People who by and large have little interest in steering their communities away from such behavior that they are actually willing to act on.

Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that is.

Note to self: If Roe v. Wade is ever overturned I'll be sure to buy up as much Corrections Corporation of America stock I can possibly get my hands on because ~15 years down the road I'll be a multi-millionaire and be able to afford the requisite fortress complete with double fences, a moat and alligators, needed to protect my property in a country whose crime rate increased dramatically over a relatively short period of time and declined further into lawlessness.
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It's a sad commentary on a country that has gotten to the point that, theoretically, abortion keeps the crime rates from going yet higher.

However I feel like all babies should be given a chance. Then just step up the death penalty for those who blow it. People are all against innocents on death row....but the womb seems to be its own death row with nothing but innocents.

The mad cycle has to stop...welfare, crime, lack of parenting. We coddle our society and it continues to worsen.
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Oh, the fucking irony. PP's founder, Margaret Sanger, was a flaming racist and an avowed eugenecist.
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#BlackLivesMatter (except for the 52% of blacks that are aborted)

That's like the Jews sending donations to open up an Auschwitz in their neighborhood.
jahwarrior72;157705 Wrote:Oh, the fucking irony. PP's founder, Margaret Sanger, was a flaming racist and an avowed eugenecist.

I wish the liberals would allow "their people" to learn to think for themselves instead of swallow whatever pill they decide to give them.

It's so racist to believe that minorities are unable to think for themselves or make sound, independent decisions. Why can't they SEE what is happening?!
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I agree that the welfare state is the primary culprit of why the abortion rate is so high amoung blacks however I'm willing to go further and say that ending the welfare state and bringing personal responsibility back for one's children WILL go further to stop abortions and lower crime than outlawing abortion ever will. If there's one thing history has shown it's that people will continue to abort regardless of it's legality. Going after abortion specifically is like going after guns and not the shooters. The real issue is not the abortion but what is compelling so many black women to choose abortion as an option.

I think you'll find the vast majority of pro choice people like myself don't want there to be record numbers of abortions they just want it to be an option when others are not feasible or have been exhausted. I've never even met a person who wants massive numbers of abortions with the intention of using it as a method of population control versus a side effect. The Margaret Sangers are the exception and not the rule.
The forum poster formerly known as Emoticon...
The forum poster formerly known as Emoticon...

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