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Please explain this
How is it that fellow gun owners/ hunters won't even commit the energy required to send a lousy email to their state reps.
I had a discussion( one sided) with some fellow employees about HB671 the constitutional carry bill. All these folks are avid hunters and if you listen to them talk they are also gun fanatics, so I figured I'd politely suggest they contact their state reps. and try to influence them to get behind the constitutional carry law.
The result was less than inspiring, one left the room( LTCF holder)
others listened but pretty much said that they weren't interested enough to expend that much energy on it. All admitted that they weren't aware that without a LTCF they are very limited as far as transporting firearms goes.
None knew who their state rep. is.
It's disturbing that we have the opportunity to free ourselves from some of the oppressive laws that regulate firearms and some of our fellow gun owners will not be bothered to even send a f@cking email.
I'm starting to wonder if we can keep our remaining freedoms intact when the ones who should be involved and vocal about this just don't have the energy needed to write to their elected representatives and voice their opinions.
Sorry for the long winded rant, but this bothered me.
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People are like water. They follow the path of least resistance.
Ranges could stop allowing customers to reach the firing line until they've signed postcards to their state reps perhaps.
Because most people want to go to the state of lowest brain energy.
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