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Pocket Carry Pistol
Looking for some ideas for a pocket carry pistol. Frequently I walk the dog wearing athletic shorts or sweat pants. I'm looking for something lightweight to pocket carry, maybe a derringer? Has to be lightweight as I don't want my pants/shorts falling down.

Basically would like something for self defense and for protection from other animals.

Backstory: Last night I was walking the dog and passed a woman asking if I'd seen a dog running off leash. I hadn't but asked her what to look for. She didn't know, just that it was a big dog.

Later I saw her with the dog and it was about the same size as my dog. I'm sure Tanner could hold his own (he's a Sheppard/Pit mix), but I really don't want to find out.

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Pocket guns I have experience with, and recommend, are:

1. S&W Model 642/442 (.38 Special)

2. Keltec PF9 & P3AT (9mm and .380ACP)

3. Baby Browning/PSA/PSP/Bauer Baby Browning clones (.25ACP)

The only drawbacks to the Keltecs are the long triggers, and the recoil,which is horrible because they weight next to nothing; your hand soaks up every last bit of recoil.

The drawback to the Browning and its clones is the anemic .25 round, but I'm betting that nobody wants to be shot with any kind of bullet anyway.

Can't think of any drawbacks carrying a S&W snubbie
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Well I've pocket carried an LCP for years before upgrading to my P238 a few years ago. Since you're concerned about weight I'd say LCP. Weight is the only advantage it has over the P238 though. These are the only two I have experience carrying daily.
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New gen of LCP has much better sights than the ones we early adopters have to live with. I make up for it with the little LaserLyte micro laser that mounts on the side.

Honestly, it's the gun I love to hate.

Miserable little bitch to shoot, BUT, it puts them all where they need to be at 7-9 yards. It's not for fun. It's a gun.

I carry it in my front right pocket in a DeSantis Super Fly, with the flap that makes it look like a wallet (no gun shape).

Hornady Critical Defense.

I have looked for something better, more comfortable, or more stylish. There really isn't.
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jahwarrior72;154170 Wrote:Pocket guns I have experience with, and recommend, are:

1. S&W Model 642/442 (.38 Special)

Can't think of any drawbacks carrying a S&W snubbie

I'll second this. I have one, its a great little gun.

I've also got a Bersa Thunder in .380 that I can pocket fairly well.

I can't recommend any of the teeny-tiny guns, they don't feel right to me and if a gun doesn't feel good to me I refuse to use it.
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Just get one of these...
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Or, if you don't want your pants to fall down, consider an alternative to pocket carry.
I'm sure you've heard of the Smart Carry:
Or go to eBay and search "belly band gun holster". There appear to be several to choose from, prices are about half of the Smart Carry.
I have one of each and the only thing I don't care for about each one is:

The Velcro on the Smart Carry scratches my back if it isn't lined up just right.

The belly band holster is pretty comfortable but not really good for wearing in the heat of summer, it's a wide elastic band that wraps around your belly and can get pretty sweaty on a hot, humid day. Of course that extra heat retention can be a plus on a cold day.

Either one is more comfortable than having my pants fall down from the weight of a gun. (I don't even like to carry keys and change in my pockets so I had to try something different and I like both of these. They're not as cumbersome and bulky as a conventional holster on a belt, I hate having anything sticking out even a little bit, see my reference to keys and change in my pockets, weight isn't my only complaint).
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I carry a Keltec PF9 and would recommend it. It's pushing the "pocket gun" size limit for me, but I've been using it that way for awhile. I really like the idea of a 9mm pocket gun and its been a reliable shooter at the range.
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I sold my LCP and want to get a P238. My LCP with CT drew blood on my finger when I shot it.
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I say LCP. I pocket carried one in basketball shorts a few times when I had to run to Wawa late at night. Remember, Rick Perry took out a coyote with one while jogging.
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