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Pocket Carry Pistol
(11-04-2014, 06:06 PM)TaePo Wrote: I always liked the Beretta series of pocket pistols.

They now call them the Bobcat or Tomcat. Mine is a 950. In any event, the choices of caliber are 22lr, .25, and .32.

But the pistols are small and light, metal/well-built and balanced.
They also have a tip-up barrel which is great if you can't rack a slide well.
They are single action and they do have a safety. The drop safe is actually a d├ętente position just off of the firing pin.

It's funny as I use both hands to shoot it only to prevent my shooting low and to the left due to the short barrel which goes off target when you flex to pull the trigger. With two hands it doesn't happen, lol.

Great backup and for close-in like inside a car or elevator. Fits in a shirt pocket even.
Completely forgot about those. My father has one he got in Italy back in the 60s. Might have to ask for it as a gift.

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I've carried both a Cobra derringer in 38 spl. and a Taurus TCP .380.

The Cobra has a horrible trigger and a half assed safety, but it does have a half cock and is single action only.

The TCP is about the same size as the Cobra, has 5 more rounds, is thinner and lighter. Plus the trigger guard is big enough to use with light gloves on. The TCP is my pocket gun.
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Front pockets on mens jeans these days are fairly large no-thanks to cell phones getting larger again.

So I easily carry a P224 in the compact .40 version up front. On nylon tac pants the printing is so obvious people notice it especially on light colored pairs I own, but regular dark denim and thermal jeans which are heavier nobody notices.

There is a hammer-close switch on the P224 that you can use to close the hammer on the P224 if you prefer to keep the hammer down after racking. It's a double-action so there's no need to keep the hammer back---if you rack it, the gun is charged and ready to go. I like that feature since I'm a critter that just doesn't feel all that comfy with a hammer sitting back leaving light trigger pressure... not something I want near my dick.

Holstering this gun is a bitch. I have a much easier time pocket carrying it. If you have piano hands the grip feels better than most compacts but a bit short--takes getting used to. The thickness of the grip though makes holstering this gun a pain. I got big hands and most compacts annoy me because of that reason---but this gun was a decent compromise.

[Image: 15188520306_6a7755985c.jpg]
[Image: 1661900_01_sig_sauer_p224_nickel_40_s_w__640.jpg]
ArcticSplash;157442 Wrote:blah blah blah blah blah

How's recoil with it?
[Image: pa_zps59e4c512.png?t=1379682235]

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