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POI shift with suppressor
I have a Tactical Innovations TAC65 suppressor that I've been using for a few years. I use it on a 10/22, buckmark, sig 522, and savage 22 bolt action and haven't had any problems. Accuracy is great on each gun, and I haven't noticed any POI shifts. Although to be fair, I rarely shoot any of those guns unsuppressed.

Anyway I decided to get a Savage single shot .22 threaded for the suppressor, and now I have a POI shift. Without the suppressor, it shoots dead on at 25 feet. With the suppressor, it shoots about 6 inches to the right. We experimented with washers to change where the suppressor indexes, but it accomplished nothing. We also experimented (carefully) with shims to slightly change the angle of the suppressor. That made it a little bit better, but not much. One thing I noticed, was every time we used the suppressor, the round appears to slightly keyhole, which it does not do without the suppressor.

Also, I do not believe we are getting any baffle strikes. We remove the suppressor after each shot and inspect the baffles with a flashlight and a magnifying glass. Nothing appears abnormal. Also, the gun is incredibly quiet while shooting, and I believe we would hear a baffle strike if it happened.

The last thing I'll point out, and I believe this might be the problem, is that threads are not perfectly concentric the the bore. If you measure the distance between the bore wall and the outside of the threads, they are up to 0.010" different depending where you measure. That is a very small amount, but is it enough to throw the POI off that much?

Anyone have an idea of how we can fix this?
I've seen the same thing happen. We rotated the can a quarter turn then shot until it was shooting near zero. Add index marks and shims. Never had strikes or problems. It is funny to see the first time, though. Not sure why yours isn't changing POI.
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Is it possible that your barrel was threaded incorrectly?
streaker69;90639 Wrote:Is it possible that your barrel was threaded incorrectly?

Anything is possible, but this isn't the first barrel I've had threaded by this same guy, and it's the first time I've had problems. He thinks it's because the gun is so cheap that the bore is way out of line with the OD of the barrel. According to the gunsmith, he uses a special tool that goes into the bore of the gun, that way the threads are concentric with the bore, not the OD of barrel. But apparently sometimes it will still be off if the bore is way out of spec.

I just tested my 10/22 with the can on and off, and it made a single hole.
Could he machine you a whole new barrel?
streaker69;90644 Wrote:Could he machine you a whole new barrel?

It wouldn't be worth it, the gun is probably worth 50 bucks. It's an old savage single shot.
I would say it's coming out of the barrel funny in the first place. Chop off an inch or so, re-thread, re-crown, and check again. It is old, and sometimes a defect in the barrel is just in a spot you can't see or isn't entirely visible in the first place...

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I can't cut off an inch, it's 16.125 to the muzzle already.

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