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Police: York cab driver robbed, fires gun shot

Quote:The victim, Dave Valente, was approached by a black male who demanded money, police say. After giving the suspect money, the suspect fled, turned and pointed a gun at Valente. Valente then fired a single gunshot in his defense, but did not hit the suspect, police say.

I think the guy is lucky he didn't hit anyone else.
Cab drivers are the worst marksmen. Dodgy
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Curmudgeon;27231 Wrote:Cab drivers are the worst marksmen. Dodgy

NOT all of us/themBig Grin

This sounds a bit hinky. Need more detail. Was cabby threatened w/ the gun as he was being robbed? Could he have driven away? BAD REPORTING.
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Was this the taxi driver? Gun2

[Image: taxi-driver-robert-de-niro.jpg]
[Image: pa_zps59e4c512.png?t=1379682235]
Scratching head about this one...sounds like a story after a N.D.
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