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POLL: Romney leads among independents 51-35...
so how exactly is it "even" ???
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I have seen very little post debate opinion polling out of the MSM. Gee...i wonder why that is.
Valorius;20829 Wrote:I have seen very little post debate opinion polling out of the MSM. Gee...i wonder why that is.

Yeah, I wonder why as well, LOL. I have heard one excuse after another from the Obama camp though
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Yes Romney leads among independents but also,

1. More people have self identified as Republicans since the debate. and
2. Republican enthusiasm is +13 over Democrats. Which will affect turnout.

This means that the polls are even more off than we think they are since they oversample dems, assume too many registered Democrat voters will actually vote, and use 2008 (pre-tea party) voting block profiles. Anywhere you see Obama with <50% in a poll he will lose even if it shows him leading.

The problem is with the electoral college system, the states that have mostly Democrats have the most votes. But I still think the press is in for a "unprecedented" shock on election day. If you think MSNBC went nuts after the debate, wait until Nov 7.
I saw today some wildly pro romney polling stats.

One example: Among women, Romney has pulled into a TIE.

Finally saw some polling data today, Romney has pulled out to a 5 pt lead in one, and is at least tied in all the others.

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