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Portable Water Filters
OK, I've seen the thread Streaker put out on a water filter for at home. But I want to know which PORTABLE water filters you guys use and why you like it.

I had a Sweetwater Guardian years ago that worked really well. I used it when backpacking. Super easy to use, and put out a good bit of water. Well, when I sold all my backpacking stuff, I let it go. Big mistake, I know.

Anyway, I'm looking for another one. And right now the Katadyn Vario Water Purifier has got my attention. Mostly because I'm finding it on sale for around $69 now when it normally sales for around $94. Gets very good reviews. Has some really neat features about it.

Anyone have one? If not, what are you using and what are your thoughts on what you currently have.
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I use the MSR Miniworks..., primarily because I found a sweet deal on a slightly used one, that came with 3 extra filter elements, plus a rebuild kit, for 50 bucks.

It works great and I've had no issues. The one thing I particularly like about it is the one piece ceramic filter. It is cleanable and lasts a very long time, and includes a measuring device to signal replacement. Unlike the katadyn, there aren't a bunch of separate parts to worry about, in regards to the filtering mechanisms.

I used to run a sweetwater, since the handle could be folded down in a more compact package;

But the pin that is used to mount the pump handle to the top was plastic, and broke about 1/3 of the way into a 133 mile trek (Northville-Placid trail).

As you can see here, I had to "MacGyver" my way the rest of the trek..., I used my Swiss Army knife in place of the pin.

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Anyway, point is, because of that I now look for weaknesses that could render the system totally inoperable in the field. The MSR Miniworks is all plastic, and does have some vulnerabilities, but it is pretty robust and like I said, I haven't had any issues in over 3 years of using it. I carry chlorine dioxide tablets as a back up.

The one you're looking at is pretty nice as well, and if it wasn't for the sweet deal I found on the miniworks, I might have went that route as well. I don't think you can go wrong buying one of those on sale.

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MSR Miniworks. I like it because it screws right onto my MSR dromedary hydration bladder. The only thing I worry about is the plastic handle breaking, II have never used any others so I do not know how it compares
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I have an MSR filter, but it's big & bulky, the filter clogs easily, especially when taking water from mountain streams that have lots of particles, and it takes a while to filter water. Then I tried a Steripen, a UV sterilizer that works on 2 CR123 batteries. It's basically a UV light wand that you stir the water with. 90 seconds and you're done. Just have to be careful to filter out larger particles, since the UV light can't pass through chunks of matter. Unlike the MSR filter, it's small enough to put in my pocket. If you want to travel light & move fast, this sure beats a filter.

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I have a Katadyn Vario and a Katadyn Hiker Pro and I love them both. Easy to use, easy to clean and easy to change filters in. Can't ask for much more than that. The Vario is a little easier for my wife to use, hence the two.
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