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[Positive] Brimstone Gunsmithing
I just got my vintage metal 10/22 trigger group back from Brimstone Gunsmithing where they did their $35.00 Basic Tier 3 trigger job on it, and added the auto bolt release mod.

Asked for a 2.5 pound break.

Best $35.00 spent, ever. Just wow.

I went for basic, because this is the very first gun I ever owned as a kid, and 1969 vintage, so I don't want to change anything about the external appearance.

So now I have my original stock 10/22 with a very nice trigger and a bolt release that isn't a pain in the finger to operate.

Turn around was about a month; it would have been faster but they're quite busy and then got sick and had to close the shop for a week.
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