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Positive Discussion at Home Depot
My wife and I were out shopping at Home Depot in Bethlehem earlier today and ended up having a discussion with the cashier. The cashier seemed to be having one of those days, so my wife and I chatted a bit, as we all know what those days were like. The cashier works in a retail store in addition to HD, and between both jobs and this time of year its very hectic for her... and somewhat dangerous. She told us that the other store she works at gets a hold of riot shields for this time of year (although I am not sure I believe that one...).

Well, my wife asked if a person - being the wonderful person she is - asked if the shield came with a shotgun and the cashier said "No. But I have my license and I always carry. Well, except at work... I can't carry there but I leave it in my car. My manager tells me I can't have it, and I tell him its not at work... it's in the car." Big Grin

Well, at that point we were done checking out. I forgot to direct her here, but the next time we see her, I will. It's nice to run into store employees that get the importance of carrying... and are willing to stand up for themselves against their bosses.*

*Before anyone mentions, I got the impression she worked at mall-type place with a parking lot that is used by multiple stores, so I don't think it would be any sort of problem for her to leave the firearm in the car when she can't carry at work.

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