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Positive encounter at RadioShack in New Holland
Figured I'd post up about an encounter I had at the New Holland RadioShack yesterday.

I stopped by because they are local and I wanted to price out the parts needed to adapt a battery operated only alarm clock to work on AC. My 8 year old just got her first alarm clock and had to pick the one that only runs on batteries... but it was less than $5. But in order to wire up an AC adapter I'd be looking at at least $20 so I doubt I'll do it.

Anyway, the clerk saw my OC and asked what I was carrying. Told him it was an XD9. He told me how he has a couple guns on order including a SW Shield that he was excited about and he was going to start carrying in the store. Also said he plans on picking up an AR due to the current political climate even though before he didn't think anyone needed one. He said with everyone else picking them up he wanted to be equally armed.

I don't agree with his stance on AR's but we did converse for a short bit about the state our country is in as well as local issues like clubs and he seemed to be pretty level headed, except for the AR comment.

After that he started talking about his Shield he as expecting and said he was going to get a Crossbreed holster and if I had ever heard of them. I told him I had, in fact, I had one for my XD. I even told him about their seconds program and he had no idea they did that. He asked if I could bring my holster by sometime for him to check it out and I said I could bring it right back since I am local. Unfortunately, by the time I got back he had already left for the day.

Anyway, theres another positive encounter for the books.
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but my responsibility to respond in the name of liberty.
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