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Posse Commitatus Act
I'm having a discussion with a friend who claims the Posse Commitatus Act has been repealed. I've read all the attempts at changing it and the Warner act and Obama's New Year's game but as far as I can tell it is still a Federal Law and it still stands. Our dear leaders just find ways to craft language to get around it.

For example, US military is working side-by-side with local LEO's at the U of South Carolina and Georgia football game today. They are supposed to help with crowd control.

Somehow "officials" (whoever the hell they are) have determined that isn't okay for our military to do. I say that's a violation of federal law - The Posse Commitatus Act and, besides, if they need military to keep order at a freaking football game they should cancel the game.

So, my question is do you know if the PCA has been repealed or not?

Thank you.
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What is your concern? In everyday life .Mil will continue to train for everything they can think of and then some However if a nuke goes off in NYC the Feds will take over as they see fit. We can have internet discussions for as long as we want but them be the facts and them facts are not changing.
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