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Possible Plug In?
I joined an Android forum to check into a few things about my tablet, like a good forum member I used their search feature to see if my topic had already been discussed. I didn't see anything specific so I went to start a new thread.

They had a good plug in accompanying their "new thread" interface. As I typed words into the title box of my new thread threads containing my title words automatically popped up under the search bar. Now they were pretty much the same that the search brought up but for people who don't bother to search first this would help avoid 10 threads on the same topic.

The forum was using vBulletin, anything like that for myBB?

[Image: andriodforum.jpg]
I think there is, but man, I'll bet that thing is a resource pig.
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There is a nice plugin for this...I installed it and tested and it doesn't seem to suck up resources! We can try it for now but as the forum gets bigger, it may be the first thing to go in the event that it does start hogging resources. Right now, I cannot detect any difference in speeds.
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