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possibly hundreds of thousands in NY wont register required guns
Quote:Due the the tyrannical actions of Andrew Cuomo and his allies in the state legislature, New York residents are required to register an estimated 1 million firearms designated as “assault weapons” under the NY SAFE Act by April 15.

Unfortunately for the Governor and his allies, it appears that the open revolt of most of the state’s law enforcement leaders against NY SAFE—who correctly view the law as a blatantly unconstitutional assault on the state constitution and the Second Amendment—means that noncompliance is overwhelming.

While NY State Police refuse to publicly share the number of firearms that have been registered (citing a provision of the NY SAFE Act itself), leaks purporting to be from within the agency suggest that compliance might be as low as just 3,000-5,000 firearms. There is no way to conclusively verify this paltry figure which suggests that 99.5% of New Yorkers are thumbing their noses at Albany, but it may very well be a credible figure.


Non-compliance rates of 85%-90% or more are the rule when draconian gun control laws demanding registration are passed in the United States.

Those rates are normal even with relatively popular support from voters and law enforcement. Those dynamics of “popular support” are assuredly not in play in New York.

While gun registration may be exceedingly popular south of the Tappan Zee Bridge, and in a few pockets upstate, many (if not most) law enforcement officers and gun owners in the state have publicly rebelled against the law.

Many municipal and county governments have joined them in open defiance. Gun owners in New York are well aware of the fact that their county sheriffs, state police, and local officers don’t intend to enforce the law, a stance that many law enforcement leaders have announced publicly.
It's the "BILL OF RIGHTS" not the bill of "needs"
They need to burn the Capitol to the ground in NY.

Just a little ODD slipping out.
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spblademaker;140151 Wrote:They need to burn the Capitol to the ground in NY.

Just a little ODD slipping out.

Pretty much everyone from Upstate NY agrees that NYC should be a separate entity.

And I can say based on conversations I have heard (relatives in NYS) that the 99.5% figure is probably right.

NO ONE likes the law, let alone understands what, exactly, is legal under it (not even the people who wrote the law Tongue).
Wait, I thought 90% of Americans supported common sense gun regulations???
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Mr_Gixxer;140159 Wrote:Wait, I thought 90% of Americans supported common sense gun regulations???

They are probably still waiting for the common sense part . . . . .
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Mr_Gixxer;140159 Wrote:Wait, I thought 90% of Americans supported common sense gun regulations???

I do.

Common sense to me says that "Shall not be infringed" means just that.

Common sense gun regulations = none at all.

I fully support this level of firearm regulations, I just have yet to see "common sense" gun laws being proposed. Tongue
We'll see.

New York will be the state that increases more State Police 'DUI Checkpoints' in the coming weeks, especially in the rural areas, once they cross-reference who did not comply with who they know owns a gun and start pulling these people out of their cars and start arresting them on the spot for non-compliance of the gun registration mandate.

After a few of these events hits the news we'll see how long 'civil disobedience' on the topic lasts.
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I dream of a day when I can get in my truck, take a drive to NYC, see my old friends, take the subway to Astor & St. Mark's, do some shopping, and sit in Washington Square Park to watch the street performers, all while armed legally.
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[Image: Rally2014-2-620x465.jpg]

More than a year after the New York governor’s landmark gun control law was enacted, thousands of New Yorkers poured into the state house in Albany to protest his governance and leadership.

Astorino, who spoke to the crowd state police estimate at 3500, said the people were energized and enthusiastic about the Second Amendment. “It’s an issue that deals with individual rights and cuts across the political spectrum.”

It was also a diverse crowd, he said. “With many women, minorities and children.”

Kenneth V. F. Blanchard, who is an internet radio broadcaster and one of the featured speakers, said the state police underestimated the crowd numbers. “There was probably 12,000 people there.”

The rally was well organized and a huge success, said the author of “Black Man with a Gun.”

Blanchard, the creator of the “Black Man with a Gun” blog and podcast, said in his posting about it that the rally was organized like a military operation.

“They came in chartered busses. They came by train. They carpooled and caravanned. They came by motorcycle.

On April 1st 2014, over 10,000 men, women and children assembled peaceable at the state capital of New York. They used the first amendment of the US Constitution to defend their second. The weather was great. The sight was beautiful. It was American,” he said.
It's the "BILL OF RIGHTS" not the bill of "needs"

Where the fuck were all these people on election day?
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