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Post-Election Deals & Purchases - Mags, Ammo, Guns
Well, now that the next run on guns, ammo, & mags has begun, I thought it may be helpful to have one thread for tracking who has what in stock for those who may be looking.

Whether you hate people for "buying into the hysteria" or not is irrelevant.
Some people didn't prepare, some just got into firearm ownership recently, and some are simply supplementing what they already have.

In a few quick searches, I've noted that several popular online sources are "SOLD OUT" of many common items.
The idea behind this thread is to "track" these trends and to assist others in finding items they are seeking by sharing links, prices, availability, etc.

What are you having trouble finding?

What have you purchased as a result of the election?

Who has the best deals?

This should be interesting to look back on in a year, or three.
Late last night I was browsing AIM Surplus and noted that PMAGs and a few others had FREE shipping, so I started to see what was available.
All of the USGI style mags were sold out, as were most of the PMAGs. (except for the oddball "greens")

I decided to order 4 black (Gen 2) PMAGs for $12.30 ea. for a total of $49.20 (free shipping)

Today I checked in and they were sold out.

They still have Troy and Lancer AR mags.
Not sure if they are any good, but the Lancer 20 rd translucent mags are reasonably priced at $10 (not free shipping)

Most of the AK47 mags are sold out as well.

After taking a count of my AR & AK mag inventory, I decided I should order a few more AK mags.

I didn't do an extensive search for the lowest price. I went to Apex Gun Parts since I had ordered from them before and was pleased with the items received.

I went looking for AK mags and ordered 2 AR15 mags as well!
They had the 35 rd Bulgarian polymer AR15 mags for $15 - I thought I'd try two of them.

I also ordered 4 AK47 "non-specific" steel mags for $13 each.

Shipping for the 6 mags was $12. Not great, but not bad.
(AIM wanted $10 for ONE mag - APEX wanted $5 for one)
What, is everyone keeping it a secret when they find stuff?


You know what else would be cool is a screen shot of web pages that show prices and/or "SOLD OUT" notices.
Would have been better to do pre-election, but still...
I honestly haven't had too much of an issue locating ammunition in my area or online. I was at my local walmart in Shrewsbury and York and both had ample amount of common calibers. I found 9mm online from for the normal price. Those are the only places/things I have been looking for.

Glad I could contribute Wink

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Waiting for black Friday deals. Also ammo deals are going to be few and far between. I doubt you will find any on the popular calibers at this point for some time.
This week's Dunham's circular...

GSG522 OR AK47 in .22LR - $279

Bushmaster .223 flat top - $779

Colt M4 .22LR - $479

H&K 416D .22LR - $549

SUN/MON Sale - Marlin 795 semi auto .22LR w/scope - $129

- Marlin 30-30 Lever gun w/scope - $379

100 rds 9mm Remington UMC - $21.99

525 pack .22LR Rem Golden Bullets - $17.99

Wolf .223/7.62x39 - $5.79/box
Emptymag;40544 Wrote:What, is everyone keeping it a secret when they find stuff?


You know what else would be cool is a screen shot of web pages that show prices and/or "SOLD OUT" notices.
Would have been better to do pre-election, but still...


[Image: M14_mag_sale.gif]

Just bought three, shipping is $6

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^^^ Awesome!

I'd have never found a place like that otherwise. While the prices aren't low enough to appease most cheap-assed gun owners, they seem to have an interesting inventory.

That was a very fair price for shipping though.
Philly gun show. 762x39 250.00 a case of wolfRolleyes The last oaks show it was 220.00
Shrug Ive got my eyes on you
AIM is sold out of .223, but the do currently have Wolf 7.62x39...

1 or more $4.39
50 or more $4.19

Ugh. I took a screen shot, but it's too large to attach!

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