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Post-Election Deals & Purchases - Mags, Ammo, Guns
More mags sold out at AIM...

Two of the three Lancer mags sold out now.
Troys are still available.

I wish the 20 rd Lancers were included in the free shipping deal. I would have liked to try them.
I'd like to get a few more 20 rd mags. I only have 3 - two are straight USGI (Stoner and Brownell) and one is a PMAG.
I'm glad I bought those 30rnd NIP USGI mags my lgs had for $8 a month ago.
I'm sitting on about 40 USGI mags now and 12 Stoner mags from when Midway had a sale on them not to mention some others I recently picked up.

I still need to grab 3 OD Pmags to fill out my one AR case. But I'm in no hurry.

I might see if AIM still has the FDE ones.
Some people need to read this book:

Ya just gotta look ...

P Mags $10.95

BCM - PMag 20s $10.95 and PMag .308/20s $15.95
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PA Rifleman;40572 Wrote:
Emptymag;40544 Wrote:What, is everyone keeping it a secret when they find stuff?


You know what else would be cool is a screen shot of web pages that show prices and/or "SOLD OUT" notices.
Would have been better to do pre-election, but still...


[Image: M14_mag_sale.gif]

Just bought three, shipping is $6


Smile THANKS for posting this link!

I just ordered six colored USGI mags!
(4 blue, 2 orange)

They are on sale for $8.95 and since your shipping quote sounded fair, I thought I'd see what this would cost through them. Shipping for 4 mags came up as $7. Shipping for 6 came to $8.20

THEN I did a google search for discount codes and plugged in "REPEAT" - IT WORKED!!!
A "Repeat Customer Discount" totaling $5.37 was applied!!!

Smile Smile Smile

That took my subtotal from $61.90 down to $53.70.
$56.53 is my total with shipping for 6 "custom painted" mags - not bad.

ETA: I think I screwed up my math, but either way, the total is correct and not bad considering that is with shipping included.
Emptymag;42039 Wrote:...
Smile THANKS for posting this link!

I just ordered six colored USGI mags!
(4 blue, 2 orange)

Glad it worked out.

I was initially puzzled why you were on this, I was fairly certain you don't have an M14 (yet).
Subject matter expert on questions no one's asking.
PA Rifleman;42076 Wrote:Glad it worked out.

I was initially puzzled why you were on this, I was fairly certain you don't have an M14 (yet).

Yeah, I don't see myself with an M14 - maybe the "scout" since it's shorter, but I'm not a fan of big, heavy, battle rifles. They are OK to shoot a few times, but beyond that, they are just too damned heavy.

Don't forget to note that discount code for future reference!
Those mags look anodized in the pics, not painted so they are probably pretty wear resistant, too bad they didn't have green, I'd have tried a couple.
Some people need to read this book:

I stopped in at a local place today, Security Military Depot near Indiana PA, he is still pretty well stocked on guns.
At least 25 assorted AKs
More than a dozen assorted AR's
About 20 different handguns
Piles of Saiga rifles, converted and stock. A couple Saiga shotguns.
A VEPR, Mini 14 stainless.

Not too bad on ammo, but most of the good brass cased stuff is gone.
I was hoping he had a hundred or so of the Australian 5.56 left, no luck.
Some new condition ammo cans.
The USGI $10 mags were gone but he still has some 30rnd Pmags in all colors and some 20's in black.
A lower and 7.62X39 upper in the case.

He was unpacking some camo clothes when I left.

Still has a CZ P07 new for $399 that I keep trying to figure out how to swing...
Some people need to read this book:

Lake City 855 on sale at J&G. $229 for 420 on stripper clips in the can.
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My order from APEX arrived yesterday morning. Cool

Four steel AK47 mags and two 35 rd Bulgarian polymer AR15 mags.
They polymer mags were $15 ea, so I thought I'd try them out.
I read elsewhere that people have successfully removed a portion of the follower, allowing 38/39 rounds to be loaded and function properly.

They aren't as "indestructible" as PMAGs, but a "38 rd" mag for $15 is hard to pass up. I'll post more info and pics in another thread.

ETA: LOL! 30 seconds after I hit "submit", I heard a truck pull up outside, and the dog barked. Here comes another package!
My (4) PMAGs from AIM Surplus arrived!


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