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Post Illustrating "Compromise"
I found this illustration from

It makes a potent point about "compromise" with our gun rights.

Let's compromise about me getting my eye-sight back trying to read the cartoon. Big Grin
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Is there a larger version?
nomad;124129 Wrote:Is there a larger version?

Larger version here. Click it to zoom.
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Here is the message, without the cartoons/drawings...

[Image: 29104_zpsaafd5f65.png]
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Curmudgeon;124136 Wrote:Here is the message, without the cartoons/drawings...

[Image: 29104_zpsaafd5f65.png]

They seem to have missed the gun bans passed by reagan and bush sr.. The two largest currently standing federal firearm bans. So much for intellectual honesty.
I would say that this would apply to "rights" in general.

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