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Pre-Sandy Prepping.
With this hurricane working its way northward I thought this might be a good reason for people to take their first steps into prepping.

So here's the situation. No real prep has been done and we have a storm coming that may have the potential for multi-day disruptions. If you had NO prepping done what would you do to prepare for this event? How would you prioritize the supplies you need and what would you get?
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Water. A week's worth.
Food. A week's worth.
Meds, particularly prescriptions.

After that, assuming a multi-day power loss, make sure you have enough warm clothing and blankets and such for the cold.
Candles, Flashlights/batteries.

Those are the basics that should see you through this, off the top of my head.

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Very quick? Only a few days to go?

Several cases of bottled water. Easy to cook foods. Beans, soups, and the like. Acheap camp stove and several bottles of propane. Buckets of non drinking water in case water service drops (to flush). Batteries, flashlights, lanterns.

That would be bare minimum for me. Just a cartload or two if I was in a pinch.

Figure that would cover a family of 3 for at least a few days. Depending on how much you got, it could work for a week and a half fairly easily. Batteries too.
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Aside from bottled water I still have everything I had bought for last years hurricane Irene. We're good to go.
Me? I'll take my AC units out of the windows, and make sure all the storm windows are down. Other than that, I don't have anything to do. I'm set.
Well the question was asked in a way to help the unprepared. Saying "I'm good" doesn't.

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I'm as ready for a hurricane as i am going to get already.
JustinHEMI;30197 Wrote:Well the question was asked in a way to help the unprepared. Saying "I'm good" doesn't.


Fair enough.

If you have any tree branches that hang close to your service wires, they should probably be trimmed back so they can't whip against the wires and pull them down. Bring in anything indoors that could possibly be picked up by high winds and blown through windows. Have plywood on hand in case a window does get broken and you need to board it up.

Have a battery powered drill and long wood screws for boarding up windows. Double check that your sump pumps are working properly. Double check your batteries for flashlights and place flashlights in strategic places around the house as well as carry one on yourself.
picked up 30 gallons of diesel fuel for the generator, dug out a box of old movies in case we do not have tv. probably pick up 5 gals of turkey hill orange ice tea and some jiffy pop popcorn
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Might sound stupid, but remember that if you have gas, your oven can be used for heat in a pinch.

A few years back we were without power for about a day, the neighbor comes over and asks if I had a couple gallons of kero he could borrow for his kerosun. I said sure and he asked if I would be ok loaning it and I said sure, I have plenty and if I have to I'll turn on the oven.
He looked at me strangely and I said, ummm, you do know you can light your oven with a long wooden match when the power is out right?
(his is an electronic one like mine, no pilot light)

Many times when I was younger I remember camping out in the kitchen with blankets hung over the doorways.

If you have a drain on your hot water tank, you have 40 or more gallons there as well.
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