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Precision Cast bullets
Anyone use Precision Cast bullets made in Lebanon? I'm just getting started in reloading and picked up some of them at Shyda's the other day. How do I get data for reloading them, or does anyone have it? I tried calling and emailing but got no response from them so far.
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just use any load for lead bullets. nothing special about them to require special loads.
i use them without complaints.
the fabrication doesn't stop in the shop, that's what the field guys are for.
Brian is correct but let me add a few words for clarification.
Use any published load data for the cartridge and bullet weight you're using.
Lead bullets are lead bullets regardless of manufacturer. I have a few boxes of those bullets that I haven't tried yet but when I do I'll be using the same load data I'd use if I were loading with bullets I cast myself.

Most load data manuals will have loads listed for lead bullets, my go to data is the Hodgdon load data web site:

As an example, I would use this data for any 148 gr or 158 gr .357 Magnum load with a lead bullet, regardless of who made it:

[Image: castloaddata.jpg]
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the lyman reloading handbook i have number 46. will give both jacket and cast bullet loads. if they are cast they are cast no matter what other things you may call them. as super wingdamm. ultra hitters or anything else they are cast.
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