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Prepare to Protect Your Family
So, in addition to water, food, medical supplies, pet food and the all-important stockpiles of toilet paper…weapons and ammunition should be part of every family’s disaster kit.

What is the best weapon for home defense?

Considering its ‘stopping power’ and relative ease of use, the 12-guage shotgun is widely recommended as the best home defense firearm.

Additionally, many states and municipalities have enacted laws which have effectively made it illegal to own handguns, so the shotgun does not generally violate local gun control laws.

In March 2011, Human Events offered the following review of several shotguns and shells:

-Remington 870, model 24591 – This is a 12 gauge shotgun built on the famous 870 action, but with a few nice upgrades. From the factory, it comes with the Knoxx recoil reducing stock, a Wilson Combat ghost ring rear sight and a XS front sight post. MSRP $986.

-Mossberg 930 Home Security, model 85320 – This 12 gauge is a reasonably priced, reliable semi-auto shotgun. No frills, just business. With a 4+1 capacity, front bead sight and Mossberg ambidextrous safety, this shotgun is easy to run and easy on the wallet. MSRP $612.

-Remington 11-87 Sportsman Youth – As a compact, easy shooting shotgun, it is tough to beat the Remington 11-87 Youth. A semi-auto chambered in 20 gauge, this shotgun has a 21” barrel and a adjustable pull of length, meaning you can fit the firearm perfectly for the shooter. MSRP $804.

-Federal Power-Shok 20 Gauge, #3 Buck – Full power, yet easier shooting that 12 gauge, these shells load 20 #3 buck pellets and launches them at 1200 fps. The tight patterns mean a devastating impact on any unwanted house guests. Expect to pay around $4.50 for a box of five.

-Hornady Critical Defense 12 Gauge 00 Buck – Designed specifically for personal defense, these reduced recoil loads from Hornady feature eight 00 buck pellets moving at 1600 fps. Street price is about $9.50 for a box of 10.

Of course, most gun stores offer many reasonably priced used shotguns as do pawn shops.

Those same gun stores usually offer gun safety and shooting courses as well and any potential gun owner would do well to take advantage of the training.

It may be a sad fact of life that we must arm ourselves against some of our neighbors in times of crisis, but it is a fact nonetheless.

Undoubtedly, if you and your family are prepared for life after a disaster, there will be those prepared to take what is yours.
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$600 for the cheapest shotgun mentioned? I didn't pay near that for my 590 Mossberg. There are a ton of excellent shotguns for around $400. Even cheaper if you don't mind buying a used gun. Police departments trade in their shotguns and they sell for under $250 if you shop around a little.
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Pardner Pump, around 200 and the most reliable shotgun I've ever owned.
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I've got a Mossy 500 HD in .410. Paid $180 like new. Close-range-effective, shouldn't penetrate walls.
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I bought a Maverick 88 w/ a 28" vented barrel for about $220 (I got it from out the door price about 4 years ago. Since then I keep a 18.5" security barrel on it. The shotgun eats everything I've thrown in it, but those magnum loads do kill my shoulder.
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buy a used 870 or any of the police tradeins they are all good. get one with the 22" slug barrel take out the plug so you have 5 rounds.

for shells any 20 or 12 ga. number 6 shot will do the job. one load of number 6 in the knee or gorin they will stop. at 10' you will have a pattern of about 6-8". so am well.
you need nothing fancy or with a lot of letters and numbers in the name. it will not make it any eaiser to use. or make it more deadly.
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Don't underestimate a decent S x S 12 gauge coach gun.

I second the NEF Pardner Pump 870 clone.
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