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Price check on a Springfield GI 1911
Thinking about selling my Springfield GI 1911 but I'm not sure what a fair price is for these now. Since SA stopped making them there aren't too many on Gunbroker to use as a guide plus there are a few different versions of this one, etc. Also I don't go to gun stores so I have no idea if these are commonly found in the used gun cases and - if so - what they're going for.

This one was is one of the early versions made in 2004 and is LNIB with maybe 50 rounds through it. Comes with all the original goodies like box, manual, second mag, cleaning tool, etc. plus the original grips and the GI set currently on it.

I'm not desperate to sell it and am just want to know if it's worth listing or if it should just stay in the safe. Any input is appreciated.

[Image: 001.jpg]
I'd say $450 + cost of transfer.

You can get a lot of "GI-style" 1911s for under $500. It looks like it is in excellent condition, and I do not even consider a gun to be "broken in" yet after 50 rounds. However, like a car, used is used and you're going to take a small price hit no matter if you put 50 miles on the car or 50 rounds through the gun. I've seen a few used ones at my one LGS go for $500-$550, but for used, I think that is over-priced. I think I've seen new ones go for $550-$600ish.

Edit: I couldn't find your exact model, but Bud's Gun Shop use to have the OD colored model in stock. When they had them in stock, they were selling it for $528.00
[Image: pa_zps59e4c512.png?t=1379682235]
Thanks PP. Your estimate is close to what I was hoping (was thinking I could get up to $500 plus shipping on Gunbroker with a little patience). $450 + transfer for a local sale isn't bad... $475 would be better! I appreciate the response.
My lady had the stainless steel version that cost her around $600 brand new. If she'd sold it on Gunbroker or on a forum, she probably could have gotten $500 for it. She sold it to a shop, though, and only got $400. The only reason you could get a decent price for it is because it's a discontinued model. People are stupid for discontinued things.
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pm sent. that would be a nice addition to my other gi
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