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"Privilege"- The new liberal buzzword.
Can we all just admit that liberals are complete assholes and tell them to F*off and be done with them? It really is time to start shutting these people up. Arent there more important things to be concerned about than what culture is offended this week? Maybe I should be offended by the Mario and Luigi games or the Italian guy with the mustache and chefs hat on pizza boxes. They need to give it a break already.Rolleyes
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More brainwashing students to hate themselves with thinly veiled racism...

[Image: SPPS-white-privilege-training-slide-EAG.jpg]

BTW: St. Louis University is removing their statue of Pierre-Jean De Smet S.J. praying over native Americans claiming it represents "white supremacy"

[Image: Jesuit-Missionary-Pierre-Jean-De-Smet-slu.jpg]

I wonder if this is the "we need to change our history" ideal the first mooch was so adamant about? I can't say I particularly like the statue, but I hate this idea we can't even acknowledge our past anymore. Is anyone amazed at how these social justice warriors are so fragile in their beliefs that they can't handle even seeing a "culturally insensitive" statue. It's so scary the obsession these people have with purging any historical event that isn't explicitly in line with the whole "all white people are bad and can never do good things" mentality down the memory hole. They can't even hear anything that isn't in line with their view without needing a "trigger warning". Ugh! How do these people expect to survive the real world?
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Emoticon;166000 Wrote:Ugh! How do these people expect to survive the real world?

By changing it to reflect their own idea of what it should be.
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The college hysterical foaming at the mouth feminazi's are upset about this statue too:

[Image: r620-eb8668d7389636c5bd471cbdcecc2396.jpg]

Personally, I think the university should just take the book away and throw a hijab over the woman on the bench and the feminists would have nothing to say about it then for fear of being "intolerant" of Islamic misogyny.
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This actually played this at the morning announcements at a high school. I wonder what would happen if the white kids made a video "shit black people say" and acted it out in blackface what would happen?
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New liberal SJW buzzphrase to watch for: "Cyber violence"

This is going to be a big one. "Cyber violence" is the scary logical progression from "microagression" theory. "Safe spaces" are now making people so emotionally fragile that having a person say mean things about you on the Internet or if you disagree with a statement like "all alleged rape victims should be believed, regardless of evidence", you are engaging in "cyber violence". The goal of this new phrase is to create the perception that the things you can say can cause enough emotional damage to a person as to be a criminal act. This is one step closer to achieving the goal of the arbitrarily defied concept of "hate speech" to censor all opposing voices with threats of fines or possibly jail time. It's crazy watching the downward spiral of college age SJWs they now are literally manifesting their own personal mental illness to justify their own blind adherence to ideology and shut our reason or debate.
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