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Proposed NY A08159 Amends Safe Act - Still Not Good
Proposed NY Bill A08159 amends and repeals portions of the so-called 'Safe Act', problem is it doesn't go far enough.

The bill is a nightmare to try and read with items being repealed surrounded in [] and new items in caps. Essentially it removes the detachable mag and one item definition of an 'assault weapon' and changes it to a detachable mag and two items from the list BUT then it adds in specific makes and models of gun considered AWs very similar to the CA and CT AW definitions.

The bill also adds back in a grandfather clause for high cap mags made prior to Sept 13, 1994.

I guess from a New Yorkers point of view it's better then what they have now but it's still draconian.
Still glad I moved out of NY.

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