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Proposed PA Law Grants Immunity From Prosecution, Right To Sue
A newly proposed PA law would grant immunity from prosecution to anyone using justifiable force as defined under current law. The bill also provides a 'general rule for unlawful regulations of firearms', allowing parties to sue local governments that overstep their bounds.
I'm liking the smell of this one. Hopefully it will get some momentum.
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Can we have an amendment that removes Qualified Immunity from police?
Hope it goes somewhere.
Our legislature is about as dysfunctional as congress.
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streaker69;98432 Wrote:Can we have an amendment that removes Qualified Immunity from police?

Yeah that was the one part of this bill that bothered me
Need to bump this up. It's a good idea, as it would prevent Michael Nutter and other such statist trolls from their efforts to infringe on our rights.
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