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Puerto Ricans vote for statehood

Quote:A slim majority of Puerto Ricans sought to change their ties with the United States and become the 51st U.S. state in a non-binding referendum that would require final approval from the U.S. Congress.
I would support this measure.
More Socialists. Wonderful
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I guess the Chinese, American flag making companies must be lobbying for this...Rolleyes

I'll stick with my old 50 stars edition. Tongue
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Valorius;38349 Wrote:I would support this measure.


I don't see many good reasons. Unless more Democratic voters and more free welfare and healthcare to hand out are reasons....

That's all we need is another blue state....

Nothing against PR...I have PR-an friends...but still. Anyway, where the heck are we supposed to put a 51st star on the flag????
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Bring them aboard.

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JustinHEMI;38403 Wrote:Bring them aboard.


But why? For real question.
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Most Puerto Ricans don't want to become a US state. They like the benefits but want their autonomy. I don't see it becoming the 51st state anytime soon.
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RugerGirl;38405 Wrote:
JustinHEMI;38403 Wrote:Bring them aboard.


But why? For real question.

We would benefit from it. Puerto Ricans have brought much to our society; politically, economically, culturally

The Puerto Rican people have earned it through their steadfast support of our country, our flag, and by sending their sons and daughters to fight in US wars, our wars, ever since the Spanish American War in 1898.

We cannot continue to operate a colony, forcing U.S. citizens to accept a second-class citizenship, one without full political rights and equal representation, and not guaranteed by the constitution. The United States is a republic, not an empire

U.S. taxpayers are paying billions per year to prop up an economy that in its present form doesn’t work well. It doesn't provide proportionate economic benefit for Puerto Ricans, nor does it provide to pay their share.

Commonwealth status was never meant to be permanent , it was meant as a transitional step


Why should Puerto Ricans want to be a state?

They should not have to wait any longer to gain constitutionally-guaranteed citizenship with full political rights and responsibilities

Puerto Ricans would then share as everyone else in full benefits from our government, while paying taxes like everyone else

In the words of Don Luis Ferre, Ex-Governor of Puerto Rico, and winner of the U.S. Medal of Freedom, "It is an honor to be a citizen of the greatest country in the history of the World."

Based on studies conducted by noted economists, it is projected that Puerto Rico as a state will actually contribute to, rather than be dependent upon, the U.S. taxpayer.

"Outside observers also say that statehood would bolster both Puerto Rico and the United States. Puerto Rican residents currently don’t pay federal income taxes, and companies doing business there don’t pay corporate taxes — two loopholes that would be closed if the island were made the 51st state."

However, I doubt this is going to happen since they have an anti-statehood governor.

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Pocketprotector;38360 Wrote:More Socialists. Wonderful

You know exactly Jack shit about politics in Puerto Rico, so shut the fuck up. The effort to become a state has been going on for decades, and every time it came to a vote, the margin got smaller and smaller; younger generations have been clamoring for statehood, while the older, anti-colonialists resisted. It would be easier for PR to remain an annexed commonwealth; they still would be eligible to receive social security, welfare and food stamps without having to be a state. You know, all the socialist shit you complain about.

Or, would you rather have the anti-colonialists have their way, secede from the US, and ally themselves with Cuba and Venezuela?

I hope they become a state, especially if it will anger ignorant morons in this country, but mostly because it would benefit people like my folks, who live there. They lived here for over 30 years before retiring and returning. Both of them are patriotic, my father joining the Army for 10 years and fighting in Vietnam, and my mother going against her anti-American father's wishes by coming here to work. Both of them worked their asses off to get where they got, and sacrificed a great deal to get it. I won't have anyone calling them, or any of the millions of Puerto Ricans like them, a bunch of socialists, you bigoted ass.
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