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Puerto Rico is now Constitutional Carry
Holy shit.

I never thought it would happen down there. My parents moved back about ten years ago, and took their handguns with them; they were included with the furniture during the move, to avoid customs. They live about an hour from any police assistance. Now they can carry, any way they want, and my mom is getting my dad to take her to buy a coachgun this week.

Meanwhile, in NY, NJ, and MD...
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Great news!!!

If only we could do that here.
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I've been to PR three times now...loved every trip. Talked to the wife into taking the last one with me and she fell in love too. I could see myself settling there after I've finally had it with the shit around here, could be any minute now that this happened. Wink
Of guns? Or knives?
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Ten*K;166919 Wrote:Of guns? Or knives?

Unbanned since September 2012.
..aaaaaand the motherfucking Puerto Rican Department of Justice "Suspended" the ruling for 60 days pending a potential government appeal. Figures.
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Do you have links for any of this?
(06-22-2015, 11:48 PM)Uinta Firearms Wrote: Do you have links for any of this? has info and a press release about the court ruling. I believe it came down on Friday.
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Here we go. Here's a link. Have there been any updates or revisions to this?

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