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Question RE: Prescription Shooting Glasses/RX Eyewear
Right now, every trip to the range means having to choose between the clarity of my prescription glasses, the safety of my shooting glasses and the UV protection of my sunglasses. I think it's time for me to fix that with a pair of ballistic-rated, adaptive RX lenses. I'm wondering if anyone here has gone through the process of having RX shooting glasses made.

If so, would you comment on the experience? What frames/lenses did you choose? Did you go through a local optometrist? A national chain? An online distributor? What (if anything) would you do differently? Last, but not least: Approximately how much did you spend?

Hearing from other people would be a great benefit... so please let me know. Thanks.
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I went to walmart and got a nerd/military issue frame with transition lenses. I paid for the super strong plastic. While searching on the subject I found that these are widely regarded as sufficient for protection during typical target shooting activities. The ballistic rated glasses are more for if you anticipate the possibility of getting shot in the eye.

That being said, there is nothing wrong with the ballistic acetylene glasses other than the price.
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csmith;74534 Wrote:The ballistic rated glasses are more for if you anticipate the possibility of getting shot in the eye.

I figure if I'm going to get shot in the eye, I'm going to get shot in the eye. I don't anticpate any pair of eyeglasses preventing that. Like any porn starlet, I'm just trying to safeguard against a kaboom in the vicinity of my face.
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I got Rec Specs "Biker" frames that wrap as tightly as shooting safety glasses. My regular glasses are progressive bifocals, but I find them to be a pain in the butt when looking though a scope. So I chose single (distance) vision lenses made of clear polycarbonate. It gives UV protection without being too dark to see well in the shed.
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Safety glasses won't stop a bullet. They're not meant to. They are to protect your eyes in the event of a ruptured case or a piece of bullet from a ricochet. Anything polycarbonate is sufficient. Polycarbonate is shatter resistant by nature. It also blocks UV rays which is why Transitions lenses won't darken in the car. The polycarbonate between glass layers in the windshield block the UV rays. As for the Rx, if you use bifocals or progressive lenses, you may need a seperate pair of glasses just for shooting. Especially with open sights. Ask your optometrist to write an Rx for the distance from your eye to the front sight. Most places in PA have no problem helping out with that.
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I have two pair of Liberty Sport frames that I use for shooting. Coverage is very good and they both have prescription polycarbonate lenses.

One set is their frames designed for bikers (you see 'em on Sons of Anarchy, I think). I have those with my distance prescription in clear. Very good for shooting scoped rifles. Just yesterday I had a partial out-of-battery in a .22lr rifle and they kept all of the crap out of my eyes making it a non-event.

The other set is the close-fitting ones that uses an elastic band rather than temples. I put no-line bifocals with Transitions auto-darkening in those. I can use them for pistols and with iron sights, as well as for other activities from kayaking to shop-work. I also wear them when working as an RSO. The temple-less design is great under hearing protection. They do not work well when peering through a scope, though.
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