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Quiz – How Prepped Are You?
So you want to know how prepared you are, eh? If you are already living in your survival homestead, it's a good bet you're ready for what's coming down the pike. If you're still making preparations, maybe this will help you determine how far along you are – and where you might need to beef up.

1. Storage Food
A1. (–30 points) What Storage Food?
A2. (0 points) My Neighbor has some.
A3. (20 points) I have two cases of Dinty Moore Beef Stew & whole bunch of Raman Noodles
A4. (100 points) I have two years of storage foods and have a garden

2. My Family's Attitude Toward Prepping
A1. (–30 points) What Family?
A2. (0 points) They already think I'm a tin foil hat wearing nut job
A3. (20 points) I watch Preppers on TV, hoping my family notices
A4. (100 points) We have discussed it and everyone is on the same page

3. I plan on Bugging out
A1. (–30 points) When I hear gun fire in my neighborhood
A2. (0 points) When the TV tells me to
A3. (40 points) When they declare a Banking Holiday
A4. (100 points) Bug out? – I'm already gone.

4. I was planning on getting a gun and learning how to use it
A1. (–30 points) When I hear gun fire in my neighborhood
A2. (–10 points) Why come I need guns?
A3. (0 points) I already know how to use my 50 cal, my AK, my SKS, my .22 pistol, my .357 Magnum – and I can't wait to use them
A4. (100 points) I know a gun is a tool and I know how and when to use mine for defense and hunting.

5. Chickens are part of my self sufficiency plans
A1. (–30 points) The closest I get to Chickens is at KFC
A2. (0 points) Chickens? Is that where eggs come from?
A3. (30 points) I'm planning on getting some someday
A4. (100 points) They roam the yard and we eat their eggs and meat

6. My mind set on survival is.........
A1. (–30 points) I don't think about it much, with it being football season and all
A2. (0 points) I'll have another beer and a bowl and hope everything will be OK
A3. (20 points) It keeps me awake at 3am. I know I have to do something at some point
A4. (100 points) It's what I work on a little bit everyday

7. My bug out bag contains
A1. (–30 points) What bug out bag?
A2. (0 points) Guns, a brick of C4, nunchucks, Rambo knife, condoms
A3. (10 points) Dinty Moore Beef Stew and Fresca – but no can opener
A4. (100 points) I'm already bugged out and don't need a bug out bag

8. First Aid Kits and Meds
A1. (–30 points) What first aid kit? What meds?
A2. (0 points) I'm sure those nice people at the FEMA camp will help me if I need it
A3. (10 points) I've got a box of band-aids and aspirin in the upstairs bathroom
A4. (100 points) My First Aid kit is full and I know how to use it!

9. Water Storage
A1. (–30 points) What water storage?
A2. (0 points) I have 3 cases of BPA bottled water in the basement
A3. (20 points) I have a Lifestraw, so I'm all set!
A4. (100 points) My survival homestead has a well/stream/river/lake etc.

10. Money
A1. (–30 points) What money?
A2. (–20 points) I have 100 oz silver and gold bars in my safe
A3. (–10 points) I have lots of money and can buy my way out of anything
A4. (100 points) I have already used my money to become self sufficient

11. Power
A1. (–30 points) I get all the power I need from Red Bull!
A2. (0 points) I have power as long as I pay the electric bill
A3. (20 points) I'm going to look into that soon
A4. (100 points) I'm already off the grid and operating on solar/wind/water power!

12. Shelter
A1. (–30 points) I live in my parents' basement – it's nice there
A2. (10 points) I have a sleeping bag somewhere
A3. (20 points) I have an RV packed and ready to go
A4. (100 points) I have built a house from natural resources at my survival retreat

Bonus Question:
What am I planning to survive though?
A1. (–30 points) Whatever happens, happens and I'll do what they tell me to.
A2. (–20 points) Aliens are going to come from out of the sky and pick me up – I only have to survive long enough for them to find me
A3. (50 points) Economic collapse, war, famine, radiation accidents, solar flares, pole shift and maybe Planet X
A4. (100 points) I have decided to live a better way of life, regardless of what does or doesn't happen "out there"


Minus anything to 99: Go back to sleep, Dear. You're just having a bad dream.
100 to 499: You know something's up, you know you have to take some action, but you haven't done enough research to know what to do about it.
500 to 899: You're obviously on your way. Keep going.
900 to 1300: Congratulations! We'll see you on the other side!

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My score was 450 :/
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